It’s here!

Today was a fantastic day!

First of all, I had an awesome breakfast. Oatmeal with peanut butter, cinnamon, and honey.

Later today in Wills and Trusts Professor Goodman gave us candy because it’s “that crappy time in the semester before finals and after law school is a fun novelty”. Apparently, he could “see our fatigue in our faces” so he gave our whole class candy!

Sweet. That makes the California Probate Code so much more interesting.

The best surprise of the day came when I got home from school.

For those that don’t know, Flour is an amazing bakery in Boston. I frequented Flour while I was in college and they literally have the best sandwiches, baked goods, and sticky bun on the planet. If I had one meal left I would have flour. In fact, the last time I was in Boston, I had an entire day where I ONLY ate Flour.


Doughnuts that are featured on weekends ONLY at Flour in Boston


Last summer I discovered that Joanna Chang, the owner of Flour and co-owner of Meyers + Chang, was coming out with a cookbook! I obviously got in the pre-order line right away and today it finally came!

I was so excited when I opened up the cookbook. Literally, all of my favorite treats were represented!

Reading the pages of this book was like going home. This food brings up so many memories. When I worked at the State House I always got a sticky bun on my way to work on Mondays. The week before I moved to LA my mom and I enjoyed breakfast there everyday. Some special Sundays I would go to Flour, read the paper, and enjoy their stuffed doughnut. I watched President Obama’s inauguration with a Flour granola bar. There have been numerous trips with my friends Brea and Carolyn. And for every trip with Carolyn there has been a moment where she and I have looked at each other and just known we were going to have to split a raspberry bar.

Food is love and having a bit of Flour in LA means a lot to me. I was actually moderately emotional flipping though the pages. I was homesick but overjoyed that I have all the recipes. Obviously I am breaking into the book tonight! I have a feeling this will end up being my Julie/Julia. Although it might take me longer than a year, I am going to cook everything at some point.

Off to my kitchen!

Something New

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Today I tried making something new for dinner. I didn’t know that I actually liked this food until last Spring. I think that goes to show there is no food I dislike.

Any guesses what the mystery food is?

Here is a hint:

If you guessed beets then you are correct! I discovered that I like beets last May but I never tried to make them for myself. I would pass them in the farmers market and think “but how do you even cook that?” Obviously I would try to roast them but do I take off the skin? How is it done?

I had all my questions answered by this months Everyday Food. I decided to roast them for dinner tonight with eggplant, potato, and broccoli. As usual: EVO + S&P, for 30 mins after you wash and peel them.

While they were roasting I made some whole wheat cous cous.

I loved the colors in the final product!

Beets are delicious! How did I live so long without them? I have no idea.

Today the temps finally got under 80 around 6:45 so I hit the road for a sweaty 2 mile run. It was so nice to get back on the road. I have a midterm in Evidence tomorrow so I really needed to get some type of a run in. The feeling of running after taking a few days off is amazing. It feels like my body is coming back to life.

So, wish me luck for my test tomorrow! I feel prepared. Let’s face it, the idea of a test that mimics the Bar Exam is a little scary but I studied diligently! Now I suppose all I can do is turn it over and let the chips fall where they may.

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Perfect Combinations

In life, some things are just meant to be together.

Peanut butter and jelly.

Long runs and chocolate milk.

Gin martinis and steak.

Prosciutto and everything.

Carrie and Mr. Big.

But my favorite combination of all is mac and cheese and broccoli.

This is a quick bite before going out with the girls. We are hitting “bar H” tonight, Happy Ending. Always good to have a good dinner before going out! I’ll be back tomorrow with an update.

Also, I was selected to advance to round two of Project Food Blog! I cannot believe my little blog actually made it through round 1! Thanks to everyone who voted for me! Look out for my round 2 post, it should be up by the end of the weekend.

Running 9 and Feeling Fine


Happy Sunday. Today I went for an amazing 9 mile run. I was a bit worried leaving the house because my 8 mile run wasn’t my favorite but I rocked 9 miles. The only minuses were some cramps at mile 4 and 5. The entire second half was pretty much uphill and I ran the second half FASTER than I ran the first half. Thank you “Power” for coming on as I charged up a hill.

Pre run I snacked on this lovely platter which included apple with Cinn, bagel chips and fancy pants brie from Cookbook in Echo Park, plus carrots and pretzel thins with hummus.

As I was running I thought about how wonderful running truly is. I was in a terrible mood before I went out on my run but afterwords I felt almost amazing. Running is my aspirin and my prozac. I literally don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t run. Running makes life melt away around me and I love it for that. I think I’m running towards solutions and mental wellness. What are you running towards?

Bagels and Old Pasadena

Today was an adventure.

I was dispatched to a bagel shop in the westlake/silver lake area on behalf of a student org that I’m apart of. This is not close to where I live (at 3:30 it took an hour), but I had a task to complete.

Lets just say that this excursion culminated with me pushing a broken shopping cart with twenty dozen bagels a block and a half through a residential neighborhood with a German Shepard barking at me. Only in my life. I will say that once the task was complete I was treated to a free bagel. Brooklyn Bagel Co. has pretty good bagels compared to what I’ve had else where in LA.

I will admit to going to Noah’s and Panera to get my bagel fix, but Brooklyn Bagels has the real deal bagels. It would have been wrong to turn down a bagel. Right? I went for onion with low fat cream cheese.

Not only was the smell in Brooklyn Bagels intoxicating, but the bagel was damn good. I hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch and it was nearly 5. We all know that is the “Katherine gets angry from lack of food danger zone”.

After picking up the bagels I discovered that I had to drive them to Pasadena. I was a little worried about the traffic back west. I was unsure about getting to Pasadena. Overall I was worried. But I arrived at my destination to discover that I was in Old Pasadena!

There was a metered parking spot waiting for me near both a cupcake shop AND JCrew. I am not one to question a gift like this from the heavens. I quickly ditched the bagels and went shopping! Old Pasadena is so cute. Lots of little shops and some big chains including Kate Spade (!). Is it weird that my career goal is to wear Kate Spade shoes to work everyday? I didn’t think so. I was only there for an hour and will have to spend more time exploring Old Pasadena in the future.

First stop, cupcake shop, Dot’s Cupcakes. I am never one to ignore a cupcake shop sitting right in front of me.

Because I had just thrown down a bagel, I got a mini cupcake. When I saw that they had chocolate with caramel and pink salt I knew exactly what to order. I have a documented obsession with salted caramel.

Rich and delish! I really like how the salty caramel was complimented by the dark, spongy chocolate. Plus, a mini cupcake is the perfect size if the treat is rich. I would definitely go back to Dots in the future.

Then I went to JCrew.

If loving JCrew is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Don’t worry M&D, I only bought a sale tank top.

Today’s lesson? You never know where a simple task will take you! Hope you all have a happy Friday!

The Biggest Loser

Hope everyone is had a good hump day!

Its official. The biggest loser in the Left Coast Contessa house is Izzy the cat. Since I adopted her nearly two years ago Izzy has lost over 30% of her body weight!

Izzy was a Christmas present from my ex boyfriend in November of 2008 but I wasn’t Iz’s first owner. Izzy was rescued from an abandoned apartment building in New Hampshire in Spring of 2005 when she was a kitten. She was taken in by a very nice woman who had her spayed. Sadly, she had a number of other cats and they ganged up on Izzy and bullied her. Poor Iz even had her arm broken.

Eventually Izzy was adopted by an art student who put her on an automatic feeder. Little girl gained a TON of weight. Later the art student adopted a pit bull. Izzy had bad interactions with other animals in the past and she was totally traumatized by the pit bull. That is when Izzy came into my life.

I love Izzy but she was so big when I first got her. We didn’t measure her food when we first got her and Izzy was already overweight to begin with. She was about 18 lbs at that time.

Here is a picture the first Christmas I had Izzy:

Here is another photo of Izzy from May 2009 (around the time I started to measure food):

Izzy in my Boston apartment!

When I moved to LA I began to realize that Izzy needed to lose weight. In my new apartment she had a lot more room to run and play which helped but I needed to do more.

working out or hardly working?

Measuring her food also helped her lose weight but eating dry food wasn’t helping Izzy. A friend of mine in vet school explained to me that dry food is like junk food for cats. Cats needs to eat a primarily protein diet. Dry food does not have enough protein. Thus, after careful research I started to feed Izzy a protein diet consisting of wet food that doesn’t feature wheat gluten as a main ingredient.

Wheat Gluten is basically just carbs. Its pretty easy to find high protein food.  You can find certain types of Fancy Fest, Newman’s Own cat food, and 9 lives. You have to read the label of the can  before purchasing it and yes its slightly more expensive than dry food. But, honestly, it was worth it. Izzy is now 5 (her birthday is in April) and I want her to be able to live a full cat life complete with jumping and limited joint pain. I started the new diet on New Years Day. She started to lose weight more quickly!

Today Izzy went to the vet for her first official weigh in in over a year. The last time I weighed her she was around 15-16 lbs.

Iz weighed 12.8 lbs today! That is a very healthy cat weight. Mission accomplished! When she got home Iz got some party mix because girlfriend loves her party mix!

Here is her “after” shot:

I know this whole post screams “crazy cat lady” but I love my cat. She has been with me though moving multiple times, stomach flu, cross country loneliness, a big break up and law school. I love my companion animal. If you can, rescue a pet. Educate yourself beforehand and be prepared but you will never regret adopting over purchasing a pet. I love that I can give Izzy a happy and healthy forever home.

Andddd here is what the human ate for dinner tonight, Spag from last week but with roasted squash!

Boring, I know, but delicious.  Something interesting tomorrow and Friday I hit Bar G with ABC University so get excited!

Back to Reality

Catching up from the weekend?

I sunned in Corona del Mar

I drank at the Big Foot Lodge

I ran 8.6 miles and fell in love with figs

Is it just me or is the first day back after a long weekend the hardest? I woke up and it was so overcast that I thought that my alarm was wrong. It was in the 60’s and gloomy all day long. It even rained for a few mins!! Can you believe it? So unlike LA. Plus I had a hard time getting motivated all day. Oy.

Finally I went on a run and then I made this:

Corn fritter (from Cooking Light, only 200 calories) over a bed of lettuce with heirloom tomato and prosciutto. Yum. Recipe to come later, I’m just too tired right now to write it out.

In other news, this arrived today:

It’s the sequel to the Preppy Handbook! Wahoo!

I think it should be noted that “preppy” is a throwback to classic etiquette. Please note: as a race studies law student I find the saying “good old days, the ways things used to be” to be racist, sexist, and likely classist. However, True Preps are all about the art of the handwritten thank you note, casual elegance, and classic style. Its not about how much Lilly Pulitzer you wear, it’s about kicking it “old world”. It’s not about how much money you have because talking about money is considered vulgar. I will admit that this is a complicated, possibly troublesome concept, but I will not elaborate more. This is a Food and Lifestyle Blog, not my liberal manifesto.

Anyways, I decided to go on a scavenger hunt for examples of prep around my apartment. Here is what I found:

Monogrammed LL Bean Boat and Tote

Old books… Preppies love book, especially vintage books. See my copy of Blacks Law Dictionary, published in the early 1900’s.

Vintage post card from Martha’s Vineyard (double points!) and my Vineyard cup. I spend 8 consecutive summers in the Vineyard. 3 of them were with the Sailing Scouts. Yep, I was a sailing scouts. Triple preppy points!

Gin, no explanation necessary.

Boston, where I spent my college years (at a Woman’s College)


My rearing on the North Shore. Although I will admit, Wilmette is no Lake Forest.

That’s about it for tonight. For something completely different: I’m currently watching “Barbershop” which is one of my favorite movies of all time! Hope everyone had a good Tuesday (Monday). Only three more days until the weekend!

Thirsty Wednesdays

Last night Catie and I said goodbye to Kat by bringing her to one of our favorite bars, Thirsty Crow. The first time Catie and I went to “The Crow” we looked at each other and said, “Kat would love this place!” Of course she did.

Last time I got a whiskey cocktail, but this time I ordered a Violet Vapor.

The violet vapor is a combo of creme de violet and champagne. I know we were at a whiskey bar, but what can I say, I’m a champs girl. We had a great time reliving college memories. Lets just say I learned some interesting facts about my trash can last night. I got home late and woke up at 6 am today to go to court. Revelation of the day: I really, really want to be a litigator. Ah, we learn something new everyday. It’s nice to have some direction.

Back to reading and then a run. What is everyone doing for the long weekend?

What a difference a year makes

This week, after recovering from my birthday stomach flu, I weighed myself and discovered that I have lost 20 lbs this year! Tonight I’ve been on my computer (live tweeting etc.) and I ran into some pictures that were taken around this time last year. I thought I would share them because the difference is kinda epic.

August 2009- Just before law school started, moving into my apartment in LA with Izzy Cat. I had just eaten my way through Boston and had just stopped going to Bikram yoga. I was super flexible but had gained some weight. I don’t remember myself looking this big. I remember being happy, thinking I looked like I probably had for years. Izzy has lost weight since that picture and I will be devoting a page to Izzy’s slimmed down figure at some point.

Me, with my BFF Catie, August 2010 (last week in fact). I have to say that I am literally in awe of my body right now. If you told me one year ago that I would be running 7 miles with ease I would have laughed in your face. Beauty is about happiness and I believe that I have always been beautiful. Look at my smile in both pictures! But now I feel much more fit and confident. I got chills last night when I was running thinking about how strong I am right now.

Anyways, I thought the change between these two pictures taken a year apart were pretty radical and I thought I’d share. Thanks to all the people and the healthy blogger community who have supported me this year! 🙂

And now for something different

new year….

new do….

Readers know that I rarely do things that are impulsive. Generally I weight pros and cons.

But it’s 2L, I’m a year older, I lost 21 lbs. It was time for a change and I’ve never shied away from a change. You know the Emma Watson pixie cut? Yeah, I had it 8 years ago.

As you were…