Regular blogging to resume Monday 3/4, I promise guys!

I believe I will pass the bar (two weeks until the bar exam WHAT?!).

I believe I miss blogging.

I believe I want this month to be over.

I believe I am about to lose my mind.

I believe I have three half completed blog posts I have not had time to finish but I promise they will be up soon because one of them is a love letter to a biscuit (be my valentine bacon cheddar biscuits? Please?) and I am running a half marathon this weekend and I have so many running thoughts I want to share.

I believe that I love my job. A 4 year old asked me to be his valentine yesterday and it melted my cold, non-child loving heart. My heart grew approximately 3 sizes yesterday.

I believe that this time, unlike last time, I am not losing weight due to stress. Not a bad thing. Stress weight loss isn’t my jam. Pixy Stix are my jam right now.

OK. Back to the grind. I just wanted to pop in and say that I have not forgotten that I write a blog sometimes and I cannot wait to be able to get into regular posing again. The past few weeks have been nutty between working and studying and I am looking forward to moving forward and leaving studying behind.

Until then, enjoy this picture of Izzy studying alongside me!