She Runs LA: The Run

Yesterday afternoon I took a break from the books and hit the pavement for my 10k as part of She Run’s LA.

I was so excited to participate in this event because it a WOMEN’s event. The women’s college alum in me still gets excited about all women events. Will you indulge the academic feminist in me for a second while I talk about women running? Of course you will.

Did you know that there wasn’t a women’s marathon in the Olympics until 1984? Seriously, three years before I was born. That is insane. Women weren’t allowed to register for the Boston Marathon until the late 60’s. In fact Kay Switzer registered under her initials in 1967 so she could have the opportunity to run it. No one knew there was a woman running it until after she got going. At mile 4 the race director caught up with her and tried to physically remove her.


Naturally, he wasn’t successful and she finished. The point of this little history lesson? It wasn’t that long ago that running marathon distance was taboo for women. Women were seen as too weak and fragile and therefore unable to compete. The radical in me loves that I’m going to get to train for something which I might not have been able to two generations ago. Seriously, the 60’s weren’t that long ago and the 80’s DEFINITELY weren’t that long ago. Distance running was (and I would argue, is) radical yo and it’s great that Nike brought together a group of women to run.

With that in mind, I suited up for my 6 mile run around my usual 6 mile loop.

Love the race shirt! I left around 2:30 pm and it was almost 80 degrees and sunny! A little warmer than I typically like, but it was OK. Like a champ I forgot my water bottle so I made sure I took ample water fountain breaks and a couple stop light breaks. It was HOT. I ran a bit slower plus I didn’t have my usual “I’m running a race” adrenaline boost and I finished in about an hour. When I was running I saw another person chugging along in a She Run’s LA shirt. It was really exciting to see another person doing the same thing I was doing. I love the collective idea.

And for the occasion I made a playlist. It was meant to be only “girl power” type songs and then somehow the “How the World Ends” remix got included and it got off track. I think I’m incapable of running without some Nicki Minaj.

Here is the mix:

“Run the World (Girls)”, “Ex-Girlfriend”, “Celebrity Skin”, “Till the World Ends (Remix), and “Judas” were totally clutch. Clearly I got off track on the empowering song idea but HEY, at least it’s all ladies on this mix!

After getting home I stretched out and showered so I could hit the She Run’s LA after party in Downtown LA! Stay tuned!

What is your favorite workout song right now?


Last Day of 2L Classes!

Flashback: Last Day of 1L classes. My professor sang to us and read a beautiful poem. Check it out!

Today is a beautiful day for two reasons. First, it is sunny and warm.

Second, as of around 8:30 pm tonight I will have completed my second year law school classes! Only 4 exams and some paper editing stands in the way of me being 2/3 of the way done with my law school career! I cannot believe how quickly the past few years have gone by. It seems like just yesterday I was 20, finishing up my junior year and studying diligently for the LSAT. In reality that was 3 years ago!

So many changes have taken place in my life since then. Hell, so many changes have happened since 2 years ago when I was making decisions as to where to go to Law School and graduating. I was so terrified to leave a city that I considered my “forever home” but I have never regretted my decision. If you told me two years ago what my life looks like today I wouldn’t have believed you or even wanted all of the changes. It’s not necessarily where I thought I would be at this time in my life but I love everything in my life and am so happy with where I am today. Los Angeles is my happy place, my forever home and I am so so so ridiculously blessed to be where I am. Life has turned out so much better than I could have ever planned.

So how does one celebrate the completion of another year of school (my 19th!)?

Iced non-fat sugar-free latte from Coffee Bean, obviously. So refreshing and delicious!

So now that classes are ending, what do the next few weeks hold?

  • I have 4 exams and a paper due before I’m DONE. I have a small exam Saturday, another exam the week after, and two exams and one paper due the week after. The 10th, 11th and 12th of May are going to be crazy big deadline days for me!
  • My “reading period” lasts for 9 days before my first real exam (Saturdays exam is only worth a fraction of my grade). This seems good and relaxing but it’s not as good as it seems. I need to remind myself that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. There a lot of unstructured, “work from home” time and I need to be on it with the planning. Definitely, not a vacation especially since one exam determines your entire grade for the semester and you’re judged on a forced curve against some of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met.
  • I have many practice tests to take and outlines to tweak before taking my exams.
  • I have three review sessions this week (one is going to have BBQ from Crenshaw! <- insanely excited for this!)
  • She Run’s LA is on Thursday + 10k run on Thursday before She Run’s LA.
  • Plenty more running and yoga to stay in shape, don’t forget that I have a half marathon in June!
  • And when exams are over? Party, party, Irish Car Bomb, party, sleep, party! I’ll have two weeks off before starting my summer internship and I cannot wait for my time off.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be blogging! Expect some quick eats, running recaps, countless youtube videos, and many pictures of cups of coffee!

And now for a giveaway!

We all know how addicted to Coffee Bean and Starbucks I am. Finals period this semester lasts from 4/27 – 5/12. During finals, I am going to keep a running tally (through photos) of how many caffeinated drinks I consume during that time. This will include any drink with caffeine from coffee shops or made at home which of course includes coffee, iced tea, lattes and caffeinated soda. A refill of a drink (like when I sit at Panera for 4 hours and get 5 refills of iced tea) will count as a separate drink. It’s by the number of cups, not the size (too complicated).

If you want to participate, leave a comment on this post guessing how many caffeinated drinks I will consume between 4/27 and 5/12. The person who guesses closest will win a gift card from either Coffee Bean OR Starbucks, your choice! I am funding this giveaway myself to show my loyal readers a little love. The deadline for entering is 5 pm Thursday, April 28th. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate! A winner will be announced 5/13 and I will upload the proof of the coffee I’ve consumed that day.

SO, how many drinks will I have?

Good for me, good for the earth

Hey gang!

Today I decided that after all of the chocolate, cheesy potatoes, friend chicken and scones I consumed yesterday it would be a good idea to eat something green. Yoga last night was fantastic but my stomach definitely felt all the food I consumed. After eating like I did yesterday I was craving something green.

Enter Heirloom Spinach!

I didn’t even know Heirloom spinach existed! Of course I have had heirloom tomatoes, when you grow new tomatoes using the seeds from another tomato. This spinach looked so irresistible I had to buy it. It was so crisp and bright green!

My lunch today consisted of lentil soup and a slice of 9 grain bread, toasted with spreadable goat cheese and a huge handful of spinach. Gotta get the green in where you can!

Delicious. And don’t worry, that is the last of the goat cheese. I promise. I am stepping away from the goat cheese.

In other news… over the weekend I did something nice for the earth! I put all of my grains, pastas, nuts, snacks, dried fruit and baking supplies in to reusable glass jars! I went to OSH and bought 24 glass jars (half in pint size and half quart size). I buy many items bulk from Whole Foods and transfer the items to Ziplock bags so this will definitely help the earth!

I managed to use 22 of the 24 jars. Who knew I had that many jar-able things in my apartment?! 5 jars of pasta! 5! Another side benefit? I can see everything I have and I love the way that it looks. I don’t know why but whole walnuts in a jar are seriously beautiful. Other good things I do for the earth? I recycle, use reusable grocery bags and cart, walk to and from school everyday, buy local produce, and I buy use clothing and kitchen utensils. Most of my kitchen supplies are either hand me downs or purchased from thrift stores and estate sales!

What do you do for the earth?

Easter at the Hollywood Bowl

Happy Easter everyone! Has everyone had their Easter chocolate today? I know I did…

Sorry little guy! Btw- dark chocolate from Godiva? LCCMom knows me too well! Hey, at least this year I’m only eating my chocolate bunny and not my little brothers. I would nevvvvvver steal a chocolate bunny that wasn’t mine.  😉

I haven’t been home for Easter in 6 years. Every year since I’ve been gone I’ve created my own Easter traditions. In Boston I would go to Trinity Church and make Swedish meatballs. But my LA Easter traditions are my favorites!

My friend Josh’s church, Bel Air Presbyterian, rents out the Hollywood Bowl each Easter for an epic Easter service! This is Easter with the works! There is a full orchestra, choir, tons of singing, and “He is risen” written in large letters across the stage. Our group was able to snag a box and we came prepared with treats and even mimosas.

I assigned myself to treat duty this year. Thus, I woke up bright and early and did this…

I decided to make Maple-Oatmeal Scones from the Flour Cookbook. Josh said that they shouldn’t even be called scones because they are way moister than what we traditionally think of when we like of scones.

Maple syrup, oatmeal, and a confectioner sugar glaze… these were tasty!

You know who else wanted to love them?

Sneaky, sneaky. I managed to keep her away from the treats and soon enough I was headed to the Bowl.

Just like last year, the Bowl was decked out for the holiday!

Josh managed to snag the last box available. It didn’t take long for us to break into the treats.

Mimosa in a jar.

Maple-Oatmeal Scone.

Happy Easter!

The service was great, just like last year. There was a lot of music, a mixture of new, modern music and the classic hymns I love that remind me of my childhood at St. John’s Lutheran in Wilmette. I really liked the message of the sermon too. I haven’t been to church in a while. I had a regular church in Boston but I haven’t found one in LA yet. Today definitely motivated me to think about checking some out.

The best part of church at the Bowl? People watching!

Some people were decked to the nines with Easter hats, seersucker suits and Lily Pulitzer dresses. I don’t know that I ever want to have children but I have to admit that I almost stole a little boy in a seersucker suit. And of course, being LA there were people decked out in club clothing, huge Christan Louboutins and ridiculous accessories.

What can I say, I love Easter!

After the Bowl, I came home, made funeral potatoes and waited for a couple friends to come over. Eric, Chrissy, Hailey, and Danielle came over for low key Easter. Basically, this is “finals are two days away and we have no energy” Easter. Chrissy brought fried chicken, Danielle brought pie and Hailey brought eggs and decorating supplies.

I didn’t snag any pictures of the food (whoops) but I did get some pictures of the eggs we made.

We represented UCLA!

There was an egg that was slightly broken so we wrote “eggshell Plaintiff” on it and dyed it. Law humor represent.

And then I went to yoga! All in all, a great Easter. Oh, and before I forget…

What I wore Easter Edition:

Top: J Crew Ruffle Tank

Bottom: Blue print pencil skirt from the Ann Taylor Outlet Mall (on sale!)

Accessories: Pearl necklace my Grammy gave me for either First Communion or Confirmation, I can’t remember which!

I’ve always gotten pretty decked out for Easter, especially when I was younger (think white gloves!). This was a big challenge in Chicago when it might even SNOW on Easter.

In fact I dress up so much that my parents sent me this card with my Easter basket (yes I still get an Easter basket).

And on that note… hope you had a great weekend, a happy Easter or a happy Passover!

Do you celebrate Spring holidays? If so, what?

Celebrating Grilled Cheese Month

Did you know April is Grilled Cheese Month? Well, it is and I am allllllll over celebrating! I knew I wanted a nice grilled cheese tonight after studying in the law library.

Where did I decide to go?

Obviously I went to Clementine. For reasons I cannot disclose I am unable to use my kitchen until tomorrow so I basically had to go to Clementine. Clementine has 10 grilled cheeses on their menu right now. 4 are on the menu all month and then they have a rotating list of other special grilled cheeses to enjoy!

Obviously, I didn’t dine alone.

Did you know you’re never alone when you have books? Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

I ordered a ginger lemonade and had a water. I took yoga this morning and it seriously kicked my boo-tay. My muscles are already sore from today’s class! With a 10 miler tomorrow I need to rehydrate.

Soon enough my grilled cheese arrived.

The Hudson’s Deluxe French Onion Grilled Cheese. This bad boy is Gruyere and caramelized onions with braised brisket and dipping jus on wheat levain.

You had me at caramelized onion and braised brisket.

This sandwich was impeccable. The bread was crispy, the Gruyere was perrrrfection with the onions. The sandwich on its own was fantastic but when dipped in jus?

Amazing. I wish I had better adjectives for this meal but if you can get to Clementine in time to get special grilled cheese you should.

Before I left I got a little something for the road…

Is it possible to leave Clementine without picking up a cookie?

I wouldn’t know. The cookie was snicker doodle btw.

Special deliveries!

Today was an exciting day for many reasons. I got a record breaking three packages in the mail.

First I got my race T for She Runs LA!

I pretty much only run in Nike Dri Fit (because it wicks seat like a champ) so I was very excited to get this hot pink racer back top. I plan to rock it on my 10 miler tomorrow!

I also got a new book in the mail…

Tina’s book!

Tina’s blog was the first one I started reading. I was introduced to it by my good friend Carolyn in January 2010 when I started my weight loss journey. I really identify with Tina’s story and I love her philosophy towards eating. Tina is all about eating healthy things with tasty splurges and staying active. She lost about the same amount of weight as I did in about the same time frame. I cannot wait to read this book before bed tonight!

What books are you dying to read or can you recommend? After finals I am going to make a reading list for the summer and I need good suggestions! Deep thinkers and fluff are welcome!

Goat Cheese Addict

Hello, my name is Katherine.

(Photo credit to Kaitlin)

And I am a goat cheese addict.

(Hi Katherine)

It started innocently enough

And then my addiction to goat cheese grew

And then it spiraled out of control and I came up with this…

Avocado and Goat Cheese Quesadillas

What can I say? It’s nearly finals and my resistance to my obsessions is weakened. This time next week (when classes will finally be over) I will likely be binging on some combination of goat cheese, cup cakes, macaroons, and bagels.

This gem of a goat cheese recipe came to me Sunday night before yoga. I think its simplicity is what makes it so addictive.

Basically, I heated a whole wheat tortilla with spreadable goat cheese. As the cheese melted I placed avocado, arugula, and chopped green onions on top and waited for this bad boy to melt. Then I folded the tortilla. Very similar to a Brie Cheese and apple quesadilla, really.

I mean come on… can you really blame me for being a goat cheese addict? I didn’t think so.

On an exciting note!

Do you know where your President will be tomorrow? Here’s a hint… he might be noshing on my favorite treats… That’s right! Our own BO is going to be at Tavern tomorrow! I like to think that he read one of my stellar reviews and knew he had to check it out. 😉

Something New…

You know those times when you decide to switch up your normal routine just a little bit? Aren’t those the best?

Case and point: I always have 2 multi-grain Van’s waffles drizzled with local honey for breakfast. Seriously, every day since last December. I love them because they’re easy, decently filling and cheap. But today I looked in my fridge and felt the need for change. Morning are my best study time, I do most of my work in the morning hours, so they tend to be the most monotonous.

How do we fight monotony?

Change and color.

Enter my first ever smoothie in a bowl.

No, you are not reading Kaitlin’s blog. I actually made a unique, delicious breakfast and then I added granola on top. This is not the usual for me!

What can I say, I saw farmer’s market strawberries and Greek yogurt. Before I knew it I was throwing things into the blender.

The Mix:

  • 4 chopped strawberries (if you live in So Cal it’s a crime not to eat the fresh berries we have right now. They are in-sane!)
  • Handful of frozen pineapple
  • 1 0% fat Fage Greek Yogurt
  • Generous pour unsweetened original almond milk
  • Topped with granola, bought bulk from Whole Foods, because that’s how I roll 😉

I cannot lie. This was amazing. Not only was it nice to have fresh fruit with my breakfast but the smoothie was so cold and refreshing. I’m not a big fan of yogurt bowls, so this is a good way for me to get some dairy into my diet. I don’t think that I would eat this for breakfast every day but I do foresee more smoothie bowls in my future!

Do you have go-to meals? What are your old standbys? I’m pretty uncreative when it comes to breakfast!

Brunch at Tavern

Sunday featured an epic meal that truly deserves it’s own post. I met up with Jill, a college pal, at Tavern for brunch. Jill was the one who pointed out Alice Waters eating there almost a year ago so we have been long overdue for a brunch date there.

When we arrived Jill asked what on the menu is “great” and honestly, EVERYTHING is amazing. I said we for sure needed some of the breakfast potatoes. We placed our orders and snagged a table outside. It was 70 and sunny (sorry those in Chicago, where it snowed yesterday!) and we definitely wanted to enjoy the nice weather.

Jill ordered soft scrambled eggs with fontina cheese and creme fraiche. Cheese and creme fraiche? Can can bet it was good! It came with whole wheat toast and breakfast potatoes.

Jill agreed, best breakfast potatoes ever! Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

I ordered frittata with asparagus, green garlic, spinach and chevre, again with a side of whole wheat toast and potatoes.

Why, hello my potato love. It’s good to see you again.

Frittata is one of the egg dishes I love (true story). Asparagus is in season right now and it was truly delicious! The eggs were so light and fluffy. This is an egg dish I would for sure order again.

Jill and I had a great time chatting catching up. Before we left I told Jill she had to try the macaroons. Sadly, there were no salted caramels but I decided to try Mexican chocolate and vanilla bean instead. We got them to go. After saying goodbye to Jill I went home with the intent of saving the macaroon for later. Who cares that “later” was 30 mins after arriving home.

Whoops, how did that happen?

Mexican Chocolate

Chocolate with a mild spice.

Vanilla Bean

Tasty, strong vanilla flavor.

Overall, both of the macaroons were excellent, but of course they are no salted caramel. Oh well, I still won’t complain because they were still damn good.

What is your favorite brunch dish?

Working(out) for the weekend

Hey there world, how was your weekend? Mine was full of studying. Boo. It was gorgey out but I mostly sat on my porch and did work. I did however get three great workouts in.

Friday: yoga!

Yoga was great! I love my Friday yoga. I will say that my yoga studio is in a dangerous location: next to an Anthropology and mere blocks from Real Food Daily. Normally I am able to resist the charms of RFD but on Friday I surrendered and it felt so good!

I was only going to get an appetizer and supplement it with my own food to save money but I couldn’t resist the charms of the weekly special, the Buddha Belly!

Beast! Brown rice with kung pow tempah and sauteed veggies and toasted cashews. This was delicious! I would looooooove to have this again.

Saturday: 10 mile run

Saturday was a hot hot hot day so I waited until after 5:30 to go on my run. I made sure to fuel by not eating cheese and butter smothered things all afternoon but the first half of my run was rough. I tried to keep hydrated but I was so hungry for the first half. I ate my shot blocks but I wish I’d brought more. By the second half of the run the temps had cooled off which was nice. My pace was slower than I wanted it to be but were still a month and a half out from the half and my body felt better after this run than the last which is always a nice improvement.


Just got back from a mellllllow yoga sesh! She killed our arms and abs so I’m hoping that I feel it tomorrow. Definitely what I needed for another long week full of work. I’m at the point in the semester where working feels like a long slug to the summit of a mountain. Yoga and running is keeping my energy up. Last semester I burned out early and I’m hoping that regular running and yoga will help be avoid the burn out.

Did you workout this weekend?

Blog Posts I’m Loving Now…

As we know, impending finals = web distractions. I thought I would take a moment to share some of the online things I’m loving right now.

If you don’t read Yes and Yes, you really should. Recently they published this fantastic post on chilling out when under pressure. They also published this fantastic post on dealing with catastrophe. I also fully ascribe to the bad/break rule. I think it’s essential.

Also, remember chat roulette? That creeper site where people were naked? Well, I much prefer this site, cute roulette. Basically, this site is cute animal video after cute animal video. Don’t worry, it’s cued up to Canitas, the mini pig for your benefit. 🙂

For more cute animals… the Zoopreme Court. Never thought that Scalia or Thomas would look cute to me, but this site pulls it off! I’m also partial to Thurgood Marshvole because 1) my favorite justice of all time, in case you were wondering and 2) it’s totally adorable.

And finally, you can take 1 min to “Like” the Left Coast Contessa page on Facebook! Your support is greatly appreciated!

What are your favorite web time wasters?  I’m heading into finals so I need all the procrastination help I can get!