Blog Posts I’m Loving Now…

As we know, impending finals = web distractions. I thought I would take a moment to share some of the online things I’m loving right now.

If you don’t read Yes and Yes, you really should. Recently they published this fantastic post on chilling out when under pressure. They also published this fantastic post on dealing with catastrophe. I also fully ascribe to the bad/break rule. I think it’s essential.

Also, remember chat roulette? That creeper site where people were naked? Well, I much prefer this site, cute roulette. Basically, this site is cute animal video after cute animal video. Don’t worry, it’s cued up to Canitas, the mini pig for your benefit. 🙂

For more cute animals… the Zoopreme Court. Never thought that Scalia or Thomas would look cute to me, but this site pulls it off! I’m also partial to Thurgood Marshvole because 1) my favorite justice of all time, in case you were wondering and 2) it’s totally adorable.

And finally, you can take 1 min to “Like” the Left Coast Contessa page on Facebook! Your support is greatly appreciated!

What are your favorite web time wasters?  I’m heading into finals so I need all the procrastination help I can get!


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