Working(out) for the weekend

Hey there world, how was your weekend? Mine was full of studying. Boo. It was gorgey out but I mostly sat on my porch and did work. I did however get three great workouts in.

Friday: yoga!

Yoga was great! I love my Friday yoga. I will say that my yoga studio is in a dangerous location: next to an Anthropology and mere blocks from Real Food Daily. Normally I am able to resist the charms of RFD but on Friday I surrendered and it felt so good!

I was only going to get an appetizer and supplement it with my own food to save money but I couldn’t resist the charms of the weekly special, the Buddha Belly!

Beast! Brown rice with kung pow tempah and sauteed veggies and toasted cashews. This was delicious! I would looooooove to have this again.

Saturday: 10 mile run

Saturday was a hot hot hot day so I waited until after 5:30 to go on my run. I made sure to fuel by not eating cheese and butter smothered things all afternoon but the first half of my run was rough. I tried to keep hydrated but I was so hungry for the first half. I ate my shot blocks but I wish I’d brought more. By the second half of the run the temps had cooled off which was nice. My pace was slower than I wanted it to be but were still a month and a half out from the half and my body felt better after this run than the last which is always a nice improvement.


Just got back from a mellllllow yoga sesh! She killed our arms and abs so I’m hoping that I feel it tomorrow. Definitely what I needed for another long week full of work. I’m at the point in the semester where working feels like a long slug to the summit of a mountain. Yoga and running is keeping my energy up. Last semester I burned out early and I’m hoping that regular running and yoga will help be avoid the burn out.

Did you workout this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Working(out) for the weekend

  1. That is a VERY dangerous location! I would be broke. My workouts this weekend consist of building a gigantic art booth on Saturday, and tearing it down tonight. Who needs the gym when you can lift sixty pound walls? Ugh

  2. Pretty sure i’ve been to that studio before 🙂 and don’t worry, RFD is a totally acceptable “must.” I always feel so wholesome eating there. My weekend workout was a quick paddle surf and a long beach walk. What else, on such an awesome weekend!!

  3. Congrats on the 10 mile run! I’m impressed you found motivation that late in the day to run. You’re awesome. I need to do more yoga too. maybe this week. 🙂

    PS. So jealous of your cape cod chips in a previous post. Delish!

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