Easter at the Hollywood Bowl

Happy Easter everyone! Has everyone had their Easter chocolate today? I know I did…

Sorry little guy! Btw- dark chocolate from Godiva? LCCMom knows me too well! Hey, at least this year I’m only eating my chocolate bunny and not my little brothers. I would nevvvvvver steal a chocolate bunny that wasn’t mine.  😉

I haven’t been home for Easter in 6 years. Every year since I’ve been gone I’ve created my own Easter traditions. In Boston I would go to Trinity Church and make Swedish meatballs. But my LA Easter traditions are my favorites!

My friend Josh’s church, Bel Air Presbyterian, rents out the Hollywood Bowl each Easter for an epic Easter service! This is Easter with the works! There is a full orchestra, choir, tons of singing, and “He is risen” written in large letters across the stage. Our group was able to snag a box and we came prepared with treats and even mimosas.

I assigned myself to treat duty this year. Thus, I woke up bright and early and did this…

I decided to make Maple-Oatmeal Scones from the Flour Cookbook. Josh said that they shouldn’t even be called scones because they are way moister than what we traditionally think of when we like of scones.

Maple syrup, oatmeal, and a confectioner sugar glaze… these were tasty!

You know who else wanted to love them?

Sneaky, sneaky. I managed to keep her away from the treats and soon enough I was headed to the Bowl.

Just like last year, the Bowl was decked out for the holiday!

Josh managed to snag the last box available. It didn’t take long for us to break into the treats.

Mimosa in a jar.

Maple-Oatmeal Scone.

Happy Easter!

The service was great, just like last year. There was a lot of music, a mixture of new, modern music and the classic hymns I love that remind me of my childhood at St. John’s Lutheran in Wilmette. I really liked the message of the sermon too. I haven’t been to church in a while. I had a regular church in Boston but I haven’t found one in LA yet. Today definitely motivated me to think about checking some out.

The best part of church at the Bowl? People watching!

Some people were decked to the nines with Easter hats, seersucker suits and Lily Pulitzer dresses. I don’t know that I ever want to have children but I have to admit that I almost stole a little boy in a seersucker suit. And of course, being LA there were people decked out in club clothing, huge Christan Louboutins and ridiculous accessories.

What can I say, I love Easter!

After the Bowl, I came home, made funeral potatoes and waited for a couple friends to come over. Eric, Chrissy, Hailey, and Danielle came over for low key Easter. Basically, this is “finals are two days away and we have no energy” Easter. Chrissy brought fried chicken, Danielle brought pie and Hailey brought eggs and decorating supplies.

I didn’t snag any pictures of the food (whoops) but I did get some pictures of the eggs we made.

We represented UCLA!

There was an egg that was slightly broken so we wrote “eggshell Plaintiff” on it and dyed it. Law humor represent.

And then I went to yoga! All in all, a great Easter. Oh, and before I forget…

What I wore Easter Edition:

Top: J Crew Ruffle Tank

Bottom: Blue print pencil skirt from the Ann Taylor Outlet Mall (on sale!)

Accessories: Pearl necklace my Grammy gave me for either First Communion or Confirmation, I can’t remember which!

I’ve always gotten pretty decked out for Easter, especially when I was younger (think white gloves!). This was a big challenge in Chicago when it might even SNOW on Easter.

In fact I dress up so much that my parents sent me this card with my Easter basket (yes I still get an Easter basket).

And on that note… hope you had a great weekend, a happy Easter or a happy Passover!

Do you celebrate Spring holidays? If so, what?


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