Last Day of 1L Class!

We’ve made it kids! 3.5 hours from now 1L classes will be all over. I cannot believe that this semester is almost over. This has been the most exciting and academically challenging year of my life. I have mixed feelings about it ending:


  • I get to take Critical Race Studies classes (this was the entire reason I came to UCLA)
  • I get to pick the times of my classes meaning no more 9AM class
  • I get to mingle with new people
  • It means I’ve been at this for a year and it hopefully will get easier


  • I’m going to miss my section. I’ve had class with the same 40-80 people all year long so its going to be weird not to see them every day.
  • I’m one year closer to adult hood and having to take the bar exam.

At this point, the pros out weigh the cons, no offense section 3/4!

I spent the AM working from Starbucks (big ups to McGuire Woods for the free gift card! I don’t want to work for you but thanks for the swag!) and then treated myself to lunch at the lunch trucks. Today I checked out the Yum Yum truck!

The Yum Yum truck comes to UCLA pretty often but I had never sampled it before. Today I made a beeline as I was crazing Thai food.

I opted for the drunken noodles with spring rolls and a diet coke. The spring rolls were a bit plain but the sauce had tangy after taste which made it really special.

The outside was great! Just crispy enough.

Then I moved on to the main course, the drunken noodles! They were really good. The noodles were just done enough and was mild but was still flavorful.

And to top it all off I had a nice cold diet coke! Hope it gets me all the way through my last Property AND Civil Procedure.

Off to my last classes! YAHOO!


3 thoughts on “Last Day of 1L Class!

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