My One Year California-versry!

One year ago today I drugged up Izzy Cat, packed up several suitcases, enjoyed a final luxe breakfast at the Eliot Hotel Boston and moved to Los Angeles! I cannot believe that it has been a year since I moved to LA. Time has flown by and I have done some much in the past year including…

Sometimes I still cannot believe that this is my life! Going to UCLA has been like a fairy tale for me and I feel so lucky that I have had the opportunity to go on this insane journey. Here are some pictures for the past year…

my going away dinner (aka, weight loss before)

new apartment

Hey Section 3/4!

It’s been an awesome year! Here’s to the next one!


5 thoughts on “My One Year California-versry!

  1. Yay, congrats!

    One question though: What’s a perma-tan and how do I get one??? Because it sounds like something I would want/perhaps need once the Chicago winter comes… 🙂

    • heehee perma tan is an invented term that means tan year round permanently. Because its sunny out year round and because I spend more time outside I am tanner than I used to be and it doesn’t fade. You just have to come to visit this winter and see for yourself! 😉

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