Time to Rally


by Denise Levertov

After I had cut off my hands and grown new ones something my former hands had longed for came and asked to be rocked. After my plucked out eyes had withered, and new ones grown something my former eyes had wept for came asking to be pitied.
Hey gang! The poem placed above was read to my section at the end of our last class by Professor Motomura, one of the finest educators that I’ve ever had class right. I really like this poem. One L is like plucking out your eyes and growing new ones. I hope that I can still connect with the things that I was passionate about before law school. I suppose we will see sooner than later. Either way, this poem really touched me and I was glad he read it.
On a depressing note…
Large Coffee Bean Latte spilled all over the floor. Don’t you hate to see that? This was a very upsetting thing that I was not prepared for at 8 am. But don’t worry, I rallied! I came home and had a great breakfast complete with strawberries, iced coffee, and my hummus toast.
I especially like starting the day with fruit…
and breakfast isn’t breakfast without a side of law school…

"Now is as good a time as any to figure out whats going on in Civil Procedure" uh, WORD!

I still managed to have a great breakfast despite the “latte incident”. This was a much calmer “first day of finals”. Last semester Izzy nearly choked to death on a piece of food. Thankfully that didn’t happen today. Mostly she just hunted birds while I ate breakfast.
She is so intent. So that was the day. I spent most of the day with family that is in town. There was a trip to Sprinkles. I may have had a chocolate coconut cupcake, and it might have been delicious. Same old Sprinkles, fresh cake with awesome frosting and coconut. How can you go wrong? Additionally, this sign was on the door.
Sometimes LA is just too much. That’s about it and I’m off to Section 3 Karaoke Night!

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