Goat Cheese Addict

Hello, my name is Katherine.

(Photo credit to Kaitlin)

And I am a goat cheese addict.

(Hi Katherine)

It started innocently enough

And then my addiction to goat cheese grew

And then it spiraled out of control and I came up with this…

Avocado and Goat Cheese Quesadillas

What can I say? It’s nearly finals and my resistance to my obsessions is weakened. This time next week (when classes will finally be over) I will likely be binging on some combination of goat cheese, cup cakes, macaroons, and bagels.

This gem of a goat cheese recipe came to me Sunday night before yoga. I think its simplicity is what makes it so addictive.

Basically, I heated a whole wheat tortilla with spreadable goat cheese. As the cheese melted I placed avocado, arugula, and chopped green onions on top and waited for this bad boy to melt. Then I folded the tortilla. Very similar to a Brie Cheese and apple quesadilla, really.

I mean come on… can you really blame me for being a goat cheese addict? I didn’t think so.

On an exciting note!

Do you know where your President will be tomorrow? Here’s a hint… he might be noshing on my favorite treats… That’s right! Our own BO is going to be at Tavern tomorrow! I like to think that he read one of my stellar reviews and knew he had to check it out. 😉


8 thoughts on “Goat Cheese Addict

  1. Haha, when they were talking about the Tavern on the radio this morning is all I could think of was you and how hip your taste-buds are for being such a fan of Obama’s LA dining spot!

  2. I heard the Barack Obama was going to Westwood and dine there too. is that public knowledge, do they do press releases on his dinner plans> lol!

    I found out about it because my friend workds at the VA hospital and their helipad was used today for his arrival and she was telling me where Barack was going to dinner.

    I have goat cheese and have used them in my salad, I think I need to try other recipes to find out if I really love it.

    • Hey Lea! I actually heard about where BO was going because of a traffic alert website link a friend forwarded me. Tavern actually did tweet yesterday that they were “closed for a special guest”! Crazy your friend works at the VA where he helicoptered in!

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