The Flour Day

The last day that I was in Boston all I ate was Flour! I started early with Carolyn. We went to the Fort Point Flour which is bigger than the South End Flour and caters to a more commuter crowd so we had no issue getting seats.


I had a quiche with side salad for breakfast.It was literally the most light and delicious quiche I’ve ever had. It melted in my mouth and was probably the best ever!

Clearly I hated it...

Then we split this delicious raspberry bar…

Later I went to the South End Flour to pick up sticky buns for my family and a treat for the flight (roast beef sandwich and a brownie, which I only ate maybe half of). I also picked up some chocolate chip macaroons for the next day. While at that Flour location I had a half sandwich which was turkey with cranberries. It was an awesome day, this Flour day. I was very sad to leave Boston and all my great friends. I still love Boston and I want to get back soon.


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