Return to the Crow

Last night Catie, Emily, Leanna, Leanna’s boyfriend Adam, and I returned to the Thirsty Crow in Silver Lake. We went to the Thirsty Crow in July to celebrate Emily’s birthday. Last time we were there we had a great time so we decided to go back yesterday night.

We started off the night with a round of their signature drink, The Thirty Crow.

The drink is a mix of citrus, whiskey, bitters and ginger beer. I’ve had so much whiskey the past few weeks. Who am I?!

I had a sip of this drink the last time we went to the bar. This time the drink seemed much more ginger-ey which is good because I love ginger. Its one of my favorite flavors. I really liked this drink and I would recommend it. Honestly if I were to go back I would probably try their mint julep because they have a killer cocktail list.

After a considerable effort we managed to wrangle a booth for the night. Leanna is a master booth wrangler. She literally stormed the booth!

Hey girls.

The crowd at Thirsty Crow last night wasn’t as fun as the last time we went but its still a great bar and I imagine we will be back. I got home at a reasonable hour because school is in session meaning I actually have to work on the weekends. I miss the summer already!

How are you spending your weekend?


5 thoughts on “Return to the Crow

      • Experimentation is always fun! How bout this for a first try:

        To an ice-filled double old fashioned glass, add the following:

        Juice from half a lemon
        Couple dashes of Angostura or Peychaud’s Bitters
        One part Bourbon or Rye Whisky
        Two Parts Ginger Beer
        Wedge of Lemon
        Sprig of Mint

        Buffalo Trace or Sazerac Rye would be really good in this.


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