How’s everybody’s weekend going? Mines been pretty good so far but very busy. It all started last night with another ABC University outing with Adam, Leanna, Catie and Emily. This time we were going to Bar G, Garter.

Garter is located in Venice and has a really cool vibe. As the name suggests, the bar is 1920’s retro with red walls and black chandeliers.   Because we were some of the first ladies to arrive we got free garters!

Everyone with skinny jeans, put your leg in! The bar filled up fast with ABC Students. Its no wonder. There were so many great drink specials, like $3 shots!

I’d like to tell you what this shot was, I have no idea what it was…

After shots we signed up for a beer pong tournament. Catie opted out, beer pong is a bit germey.

Adam and Leanna made up one team:

Emily and I were another:

Both teams made a strong showing but unfortunately we were not successful…

Can you see the look of defeat on my face? The other team were total show offs, they even did push ups while playing. Ugh. We only lost by two cups. I felt it was a valiant effort.  After beer pong we had more drinks including a “Cape Coddah” (vodka cran).

And there was dancing. Lots and lots of dancing. They played lots of hip hop which is always fun post beer pong and post shots. Overall it was a pretty fun time. ABC University always provides a good time! Cannot wait to go to bar H!


Big Foot Lodge

After the beach we all headed back to the apartment in Glendale. On the way home we stopped at Fresh and Easy. We grabbed a frozen pizza and some ingredients to kick it up a little bit and make it special.

Once we got home, everyone prepared for a night out and I prepared dinner!

Cooking mayhem, as per the usual.

I added salt. pepper, garlic salt and prosciutto to the pizza:

It turned out pretty good! The little added punch really made it so much better than your typical store bought pizza.

After dinner my friends and I went to the Big Foot Lodge. As you can tell from the name, we were working a wilderness theme.

Yep, there was a mechanical bear peeking his head out of a log. It was amazing. Love love love a theme bar.

There was more taxidermy on the walls and smokey the bear signs. There was a fire place and lots of seating. Overall, it had possibly the perfect bar layout. Lots of space, places to sit and not too large. Plus, I’ve been to three bars this week with taxidermy on the walls. Apparently I have a thing for it.

We had heard about the toasted marshmallow cocktail and we knew that we had to try it.  It featured vanilla vodka, butterscotch liqueur, Frangelico, and Bailey’s. The crowning glory is a toasted marshmallow which they torch in front of you.

Finished product:

It was pretty good, although very sweet. The Bailey’s was the main flavor that came through. I could also sense the vanilla. The marshmallow was like wise good but very sweet. It was also pretty affordable, in my opinion, for a specialty cocktails ($10). I couldn’t have more than one of these.

My second drink was St. Germain, gin and lime. It was light and delicious. Having St. Germain is major points in favor of the Big Foot Lodge in my opinion. I like a bar that appears dive-ey but in reality can mix a killer drink.

BFL also gets major points for playing good music. Lots of oldies. I danced and sang along. I was in a happy place.

Friends equal happiness. Hope you had a great long weekend!

Thirsty Wednesdays

Last night Catie and I said goodbye to Kat by bringing her to one of our favorite bars, Thirsty Crow. The first time Catie and I went to “The Crow” we looked at each other and said, “Kat would love this place!” Of course she did.

Last time I got a whiskey cocktail, but this time I ordered a Violet Vapor.

The violet vapor is a combo of creme de violet and champagne. I know we were at a whiskey bar, but what can I say, I’m a champs girl. We had a great time reliving college memories. Lets just say I learned some interesting facts about my trash can last night. I got home late and woke up at 6 am today to go to court. Revelation of the day: I really, really want to be a litigator. Ah, we learn something new everyday. It’s nice to have some direction.

Back to reading and then a run. What is everyone doing for the long weekend?

Friends and Cupcakes and Cocktails, oh my!

There was no blog post yesterday because I was hanging out with Kat! Kat is one of my besties from Simmons. She and I met First Year during a program at Simmons called the “Emerging Leader Program”. We had to do an ice breaker together and she said that makes awesome home made pie crust. Is it any wonder we’re still friends? Then we lived together Sophomore year. She is a left coaster too, but a little further north. I was so excited to see her yesterday.

I grabbed her at the hotel and took her on a driving tour of LA. When we got to Beverly Hills we ditched the car to stretch our Boston legs.

To have a full LA experience we had to stop at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for ice teas!

We walked up, down, and all around Rodeo and then ended up at one of my favorite 90210 hot spots… Sprinkles Cupcakes.

So many choices and so little time.

Then there was a cupcake photo shoot, obviously.

Love Kat’s new cute hair cut!

We picked a good one: carrot cake!

I have to say that I really loved this cupcake! The frosting was not the traditional carrot cake frosting. It was like their other frosting but with coconut-ish flavor! The cake was also very moist and delicious. Overall, it is my favorite Sprinkles cupcake thus far!

We headed back to downtown and had a sushi dinner with Catie. 3/4 of the firm was reunited! Then we went to Seven Grand, where I went for birthday drinks earlier this month, for whiskey drinks.

For some reason my camera was super blurry during this part of the night. Not sure why…

I love the interior of Seven Grand.

Nothing is cozier than taxidermy:

Check out the fresh ingredients… the bartender even gave me a small cup of raspberries. They looked that good.

Having sampled several of their cocktails the last time I was there, I knew exactly what I wanted to order, a Whiskey Sour.Watching them make it was like watching a chemist.


My friends and I had a great time catching up. Its sad that we don’t live across the quad from each other anymore but I look forward to getting together, making new memories, and reliving old ones for years to come.

Love my ladies!

Return to the Crow

Last night Catie, Emily, Leanna, Leanna’s boyfriend Adam, and I returned to the Thirsty Crow in Silver Lake. We went to the Thirsty Crow in July to celebrate Emily’s birthday. Last time we were there we had a great time so we decided to go back yesterday night.

We started off the night with a round of their signature drink, The Thirty Crow.

The drink is a mix of citrus, whiskey, bitters and ginger beer. I’ve had so much whiskey the past few weeks. Who am I?!

I had a sip of this drink the last time we went to the bar. This time the drink seemed much more ginger-ey which is good because I love ginger. Its one of my favorite flavors. I really liked this drink and I would recommend it. Honestly if I were to go back I would probably try their mint julep because they have a killer cocktail list.

After a considerable effort we managed to wrangle a booth for the night. Leanna is a master booth wrangler. She literally stormed the booth!

Hey girls.

The crowd at Thirsty Crow last night wasn’t as fun as the last time we went but its still a great bar and I imagine we will be back. I got home at a reasonable hour because school is in session meaning I actually have to work on the weekends. I miss the summer already!

How are you spending your weekend?

The Thirsty Crow

Sorry for the blog break. The holiday weekend was calling me and I neglected my camera. However, before I put the camera down my friends and I went to The Thirsty Crow in Silver Lake for drinks to celebrate Emily’s birthday.

The Thirsty Crow is a whiskey bar, of course Catie and I ordered champagne cocktails!

Catie got a champagne and lavender and I had St. Germaine and prosseco. They were delicious!

Thirsty Crow was awesome! Great small bar which awesome drinks and a good vibe. All my friends really liked it and we will be back in the future.

Before we had birthday dessert. Catie made a delicious creation. It was malanos, chocolate pudding and raspberries!

Yumm! This was a great dessert and a great start to the long weekend! It was fun to go out with Catie, a lot like college, but I’m single now which is exciting. We were basically holding court while at the bar so expect more Katherine and Catie bar hopping in the near future!

Dinner of Champions!!

Tonight I met up with friends for happy hour at The York. Dinner was:

Truffle Grilled Cheese with

Obviously it was a dirty Hendricks martini with extra olives. It was good although there was a small amount of ice in it.

Truffle grilled cheese with a gin martini, clearly the dinner of champions.

Spending the Day with Shahrin

Last Saturday and Sunday I spent the “day” with Shahrin. Technically, it was two days but sadly only ended up being a little of 24 hours. We made the most of it though hitting Harvard Square, Sushi, watching numerous TV shows, feasting on her mom and aunts excellent cooking, getting pastries in the North End, and shopping in Faneuil Hall. Whew. Here is a short recap:

First things first, Shahrin gave me back my copy of Unaccustomed Earth and in it she had a spare key from my Boston apartment. Cool, huh? Then we had lunch. First thing you have to know is that the food at Shahrin’s house is always amazing. I had five pieces of fish when I arrived Saturday. On Sunday I had this eggplant:

The sauce is so good! You can always count on flavorful food when you visit Shahrin. We also enjoyed raspberry tea. The tea is loose leaf so Shahrin and I bought “tea balls” for the tea (insert inappropriate joke here).

Then we went to the North End and I took this picture of the Custom House. The last weekend my friends and I were in Boston together we stayed with our friend Catie there.

I remember when the big dig was going on and this whole area was a dirt hole. Now its really pretty with grass, trees, and fountains.

We went to a little cafe in the North End where we could get canolli and tiramisu. There is a lot of talk about Mike’s Pastry and I will be the first to tell you that Mike’s is good. However, Mike’s is also busy and not really any better than any other of the amazing North End cafes. We went to a cafe further down Hanover, the main drag, which was less crowded and has delicious pastries. I had a chocolate covered canolli

Shahrin had a tiramisu and of course we ate off each others plates

and then we had a latte and an espresso

I love the North End, or “Little Italy”. I snapped some pictures on my way to Quincy Market. Here we have Modern Pastry and Paul Revere’s house:

Then we went to Quincy Market where we indulged in a little shopping and we got drinks at Anthem. I really loved their drink selections but the service was a little bit slow. Shahrin had a ginger margarita and I had a sparkler, which is a pear compote with a prosecco.

We also took a photo shoot because we waited about 45 mins for our drinks:

Finally we got drinks!!

While the service left a lot to be desired the drinks were amazing. My sparkler was really light and very summer appropriate. I love a pear cocktail because its fruity but not sweet. I really don’t like overly sweet drinks. Pear is a good fresh flavor without being too much. I also love ginger so the margarita was delicious. Then it was about that time when we had to say good bye and we were sad…

I hate saying goodbye to that face! I really miss Shahrin. I was a little misty eyed on the T after I left. Shahrin is an amazing friend who would literally do anything for me if I wanted her to. She has always been there for me. She really is my hero. After I left Shahrin I went off to Allston to spend more time with Carolyn.


On Saturday afternoon I met up with Shahrin, one of the “firm”, in Harvard Square. We went to Daedalus in Harvard Square for a drink before dinner. We’ve hit up Daedalus before and I had a Southside the last time I was there.

The major highlight of Daedalus is that they have a roof deck. We opted to enjoy our adult beverages inside.

We were so happy to see each other! Since the last time I saw Shahrin she got engaged! Shahrin and Dan are an awesome couple and I can’t wait for the wedding. Clearly, we had a lot of catching up to do.

Check that blingage.

We both ordered sangrias. I think sangria is the perfect lazy afternoon drink. Not too boozy and there is plenty of fruit (which I consider to be a mild snack). After Sangria we hit up a sushi restaurant in Arlington near where Shahrin and Dan live. We had a great dinner but regrettably no pictures survived. Then Shahrin and I cuddled and watched Glee with Neil Patrick Harris and Grey Anatomy which was really intense. It was an awesome day!

#101 Finish 1L

I cannot believe this year is over! This has been a challenging year for me and I feel so accomplished now that its over. Nothing matches the feeling of taking on a challenge, working hard, and finishing the task. Of course, yesterday was a gorgeous LA day:

Seriously, I’m never leaving. I love that its almost always going to be a perfect day is LA.

We had our final from 1:15 til 4:45, then we were shuffled from the testing room directly to the courtyard for this…

and this…

I knew when I got the email that there would be cake after the final that I picked the right law school. I love UCLA because literally all I wanted after the final was cake and champagne. And of course there were picture.

And there were drinks…   Car bomb and margaritas and champagne oh my.

I have to admit that I’m a little sluggish this AM but that’s OK because I have NOTHING to do today. Well, actually not nothing. I have a pool party in the Valley to attend. But nothing that requires brain power. I have to get going but, UCLA LAW class of 2012, we did it!!