On Saturday afternoon I met up with Shahrin, one of the “firm”, in Harvard Square. We went to Daedalus in Harvard Square for a drink before dinner. We’ve hit up Daedalus before and I had a Southside the last time I was there.

The major highlight of Daedalus is that they have a roof deck. We opted to enjoy our adult beverages inside.

We were so happy to see each other! Since the last time I saw Shahrin she got engaged! Shahrin and Dan are an awesome couple and I can’t wait for the wedding. Clearly, we had a lot of catching up to do.

Check that blingage.

We both ordered sangrias. I think sangria is the perfect lazy afternoon drink. Not too boozy and there is plenty of fruit (which I consider to be a mild snack). After Sangria we hit up a sushi restaurant in Arlington near where Shahrin and Dan live. We had a great dinner but regrettably no pictures survived. Then Shahrin and I cuddled and watched Glee with Neil Patrick Harris and Grey Anatomy which was really intense. It was an awesome day!


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