How’s everybody’s weekend going? Mines been pretty good so far but very busy. It all started last night with another ABC University outing with Adam, Leanna, Catie and Emily. This time we were going to Bar G, Garter.

Garter is located in Venice and has a really cool vibe. As the name suggests, the bar is 1920’s retro with red walls and black chandeliers.   Because we were some of the first ladies to arrive we got free garters!

Everyone with skinny jeans, put your leg in! The bar filled up fast with ABC Students. Its no wonder. There were so many great drink specials, like $3 shots!

I’d like to tell you what this shot was, I have no idea what it was…

After shots we signed up for a beer pong tournament. Catie opted out, beer pong is a bit germey.

Adam and Leanna made up one team:

Emily and I were another:

Both teams made a strong showing but unfortunately we were not successful…

Can you see the look of defeat on my face? The other team were total show offs, they even did push ups while playing. Ugh. We only lost by two cups. I felt it was a valiant effort.  After beer pong we had more drinks including a “Cape Coddah” (vodka cran).

And there was dancing. Lots and lots of dancing. They played lots of hip hop which is always fun post beer pong and post shots. Overall it was a pretty fun time. ABC University always provides a good time! Cannot wait to go to bar H!


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