Casa Vega

Happy Friday everyone! How is the last day of the work week treating you? Mine has been good so far.

Last night Kelly and I drove to Sherman Oaks (yep that would be the Valley) for some delicious Mexican food from Casa Vega.

Some of you might recognize Casa Vega from Flipping Out on Bravo with Jeff Lewis. Not going to lie, Flipping Out was probably the main reason that we wanted to go to Casa Vega.

As seen on the last episode of Flipping Out, the new door:

We put our name in at the front and were told that there was a 45 mins wait which is fine because we just made our way to the bar.

Can I just say that Casa Vega is way smaller inside than Flipping Out makes it look? It was dark in the restaurant and there were awesome red booths. Overall I really liked the vibe and the decor.

Obviously it was time for a margarita on the rocks with salt.

Can you really go wrong with a marg? I didn’t think so! While the wait was long I didn’t really mind. Kelly and I enjoyed the bar and were even solicited for legal advice about someones DUI. For the record: I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice. After a thoroughly awkward yet entertaining interaction we were seated.

When you get down to it, we came for one thing:

But we had some business to take care of first…

chips and salsa. The chips were warm when they arrived at the table!

We also had a salad which had a tostado and re-fried beans.

It was a pretty good salad and it was flavorful enough on its own that I didn’t really want to add any dressing at all. I love that because it keeps the salad healthier.

Then the entrees arrived…

I now present… Lobster Enchiladas! This is the Jeff Lewis special and we loooooveed it. They are NOT skimpy with the lobster and the dish was delicious. By far my favorite part of the meal.

We also ordered another entree:

We also ordered the Burrito Empenada which is a deep fried burrito with pork. This was good, but nothing really can hold a candle to the Lobster Enchiladas. Clearly Jeff Lewis has good taste!

Over all it was a good meal. Maybe not the best thing I ever ate but overall pretty delicious and definitely worth the trip.

Hope your all having a fantastic Friday! Tonight I hit “Bar G” or “Garter”. More good eats to come this weekend and I am running in a 10k in Santa Monica on Sunday. Should be an awesome weekend. What are your weekend plans?


3 thoughts on “Casa Vega

  1. I was in Sherman Oaks on Thursday and I think I drove right by this place! I am always on the lookout for good Mexican food which seems to be quite a challenge on the Westside. Have you had Tlapazola? Not sure if that qualifies as Mexican exactly but they have the best burrito I have ever had.

    Casa Vega looks great…I am definitely going to check it out!

  2. what a wonderful (and pictorial) review! im gonna go this week, too cuz of Jeff Lewis. i adore him and the show…plus i wanna see how the remodel turned out.

    i went there years ago and wasnt impressed. then again, i didnt know about lobster enchiladas, either.

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