Wednesday is my long day this semester. In total, I spend 10 hours on campus. While my long day left me totally beat, I managed to rally for dinner out with my friend Kelly. Kelly worked outside of LA over the summer and is externing full time this semester so she isn’t on campus. Clearly, an extended dinner with multiple courses was necessary. I’ve wanted to go to Tart on Fairfax for a while and after scanning the menu and seeing bacon wrapped dates AND truffle mac and cheese on the menu, Kelly agreed.


Tart has a small, inside restaurant with a bar and a huge outside patio complete with Christmas style lights and huge booths. There weren’t many people there at 8 on Wednesday so we got a great table on the patio.

I can’t remember our waiters name but he was awesome! We love getting input on the menu and the waiter had no problem telling us what was good and what was bad.

First, after a long day, it was clearly time for a drink.

I opted for a strawberry and champagne drink and Kelly got a black berry mojito. If you love muddled fruit, you will love these drinks.

Kelly and I have our system for eating at restaurants totally down. We always get appetizers and entrees to split. Based on our waiters recommendations we ordered Pigs go on a Date and Ahi Tuna Sliders.

A roasted date with bacon wrapped around it. What is not to like about this? Love, love, love.

Plus sliders.

I LOVED the ahi tuna sliders. They were on a brioche bun which was slightly sweet and they had avocado compote on them. These were delicious and I would love to order them again.

For our entrees we decided to split the Pork Belly and Fried Chicken.

The pork belly came with a side of seasonal veggies. The pork belly consistency was fantastic and there was a sweet marinade to it.

We also had the fried chicken which came with greens, mashed potatoes and a homemade biscuit.

The batter that the chicken was fried in was fantastic! Not too salty, but crispy and delicious. The potatoes and the greens were good, and the biscuit was fantastic. Definitely homemade.

I didn’t really try the potatoes because I was distracted by the complimentary mac and cheese they brought us!

Yellow and cheesy and rich and delicious. So glad they added this! Plus, who doesn’t love food presented in a cast iron pan?

I also managed to squeeze in some garlic bread. Thank god for marathon training!

Love my second stomach!

Needless to say, after this feast Kelly and I were totally stuffed. And because we care about not totally blowing our budgets, we had decided not to get dessert. We were happily surprised when they offered us complimentary dessert!

Strawberry compote with a shortcake crust, al a mode and whipped cream. Kelly literally threw the mint aside and we dug in. The appetizers and the dessert were the best part of a really good meal. I loved the strawberry dessert and would totally order it again.

Overall, we both really loved Tart! This would be a great place to go for appetizers, drinks and dessert. I would also love to go back and try the burgers on the menu because they all looked so good!

Other meals with Kelly:

OK LA peeps, where else do we need to try!?


6 thoughts on “Tart

  1. i used to live right by Tart and never ate there…bummer! your food looks delicious! i’ve been hearing lots of buzz about fig & olive that recently opened on melrose. i haven’t been there yet, but i actually ate at one of the NYC locations this past week and it was pretty good!

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