Yesterday Kelly and I perfected the art of the three hour lunch at Cayenne for the last day of restaurant week. Cayenne is on Beverly Blvd close to another favorite restaurant, Milk. Cayenne features Mediterranean food.

We had a three course lunch off of the Dine LA menu. As usual we split everything and had a fantastic time.

Cayenne itself is a cute little cafe with open windows and adorable lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

We started with the So Cal chop salad which was a pretty basic but very well executed. There was a lot of parsley and was super fresh. It literally smelled like a garden.

It was a good primer. Not sure I would pay full price for this item, but hey it comes with the meal!

We also sampled potage with zucchini and curry.

This is the appetizer to get at Cayenne. The curry was delicious and the soaked croutons were fantastic. Flavorful, but not overwhelming.

We liked the appetizers, but we loved the entrees!

I knew exactly what I wanted before I even darkened the door of Cayenne: the angus beef burger on ciabatta with caramelized onion, goat cheese & aioli. I mean… it had goat cheese and caramelized onions. It was love at first sight.

Under the hood:

This was a damn good burger. The flavors were perfect together and the ciabatta was crispy on the outside. And don’t even get me started on the fries…

Crispy on the outside with light garlic flavoring. Delicious!

We also tried the blackened salmon with pesto farfalle.

The pasta was pretty solid. The sauce was good and the mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes added nice flavor. The salmon was cooked to perfection. The flavoring was perfect; you could sense the flavor but it wasn’t over powering.

As if we weren’t full enough, we indulged in dessert. Hey it was a fixed course meal, right 😉

We started with Baklava…

As we know, I love pistachio baklava. This baklava was good and not too sweet.

We also tried pistachio rice flan:

Kelly wasn’t a fan of the consistency but I liked it ok. It was very sweet and different.

Finally, we never turn down chocolate so we sampled the brownie.

It was warm and gooey. So wonderful and delicious. This was Kelly’s favorite. I think my favorite dessert was the baklava.

Overall, Cayenne is a great place to check out for lunch. The entrees are large so if I were to go again I would bypass the appetizers and just get an entree and a dessert. I really liked the ambiance and the waitstaff was really nice and friendly. Another successful 3 hour lunch!


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