And then there were cookies…

As I announced yesterday, I got the Flour Cookbook in the mail. After scanning it I realized that I have to stock up on some basics (like milk, cream, cake flour). I did however have all the ingredients for peanut butter cookies…

I am not going to post the recipe. The book just came out and I want to entice you to buy it!

I will however, share beautiful pictures of butter.

Last night I gathered my ingredients, quietly stood barefoot in my kitchen at 10:30 pm and made these cookies. I have had them many times in Boston and was excited to reproduce them in LA.

Am I the only person out there who thinks the patterns hand held beaters make in batter are beautiful? I hope not.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

The dough had to chill so I put it away for the night at cooked these puppies at 8 am this morning.

I let them bake while I read for Evidence and then at 8:30 I ate a cookie and had a photo shoot.

I normally have peanut butter toast or oatmeal for breakfast so why not a peanut butter cookie, right?

Don’t worry, I had wonderful green things at lunch and dinner. One cannot live on a diet of cookies alone. Lord knows I would like to try. Plus, I had no trouble unloading these puppies at school.

Chewy, thick, buttery and delicious. The ratio of peanut butter to butter, sugar, flour and egg is, dare I say it? Perfect? It is.

Have I convinced you that you must buy this cookbook yet? Don’t worry. I’ll be back with more temptation this weekend. Muhahaha.

Quick announcement: One month from right now I will have completed my first Half Marathon! Eek! So excited for all the calorie replenishing I cannot even tell you.


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