After the race on Sunday I wanted more food (running 6.2 miles with an 8:44 min pace per mile will do that to you). Kelly and I have been dying to try Milk for months and Sunday was the perfect day for it.

Milk had a mixture of sandwiches, salads, ice cream and treats. The star of the show here is the ice cream. I asked my friend Molly a few months ago where the best place to get ‘real ice cream’ in LA is and she said ‘Milk’. Tangent: most ice cream in LA is in the vein of Pinkberry. There is a special place in my heart for Pinkberry and Yogurtland, but sometime you want good old fashioned ice cream like you ate when you were a kid. I am not afraid to indulge every once and a while. From time to time you need to have something you really like. In my opinion, if you don’t occasionally give in to ice cream a healthy lifestyle can’t really be maintained. My opinion only.

I was still hungry from throwing down 6 miles that morning so I got a sandwich before sampling the ice cream. I read the words prosciutto and I knew which sandwich I wanted.

The sandwich had prosciutto, slivered potato, picked onion, arugula, provolone and black pepper cream. The sandwich was delicious. The bread had crispy crust and the potato in the sandwich was unexpected but a great choice with the prosciutto and the arugula.

It also came with a delicious side dish.

Lunch was delish but the real star of the show was the ice cream. There are several flavors of ice cream and several delicious sandwich and drumstick treats!

I opted for a scoop of nutella flavor and a scoop of coconut flavor.

The nutella literally tasted like ice cream fudge. It was AMAZING. The coconut flavor was better, can you believe it!? It tasted like I was eating a coconut. The flavor was fragrant and delicious. I will be coming back to Milk whenever I need my ice cream fix.


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