India Jones Truck

Hey blog world. How was your Monday? Mine was tired. Getting up early yesterday + staying up through the VMA’s + 9 am class = tired LCC. I was so busy this weekend I just didn’t want to do any work today, which wasn’t a viable option since I had reading to do. This week is going to be pretty busy too. Is it Friday yet?

It was a beautiful and not too hot day in LA so I went to visit the food trucks at UCLA and I stumbled on the India Jones Truck!

As you may have guessed, they serve Indian food!

I ordered a Frankie and Samosas. Both were pretty small portions but together they made a pretty good meal! I grabbed a table on the grass and in the shade. Perfection! I did Wills and Trusts reading and chowed down.

The samosas were bite size and delicious. The dipping sauce was savory and the outside was fried to perfection. I polished these puppies off in a matter of seconds.

Next I tried the Frankie.

The Frankie sandwich is a roti wrap with chutney and your choice of meat on the inside. I chose lamb. This was delicious. First of all the portion was small enough to enjoy without getting stuffed. Next, the roti wrap was fantastic! Flakey and crispy. MMMM. I want another piece of roti! Overall, India Jones is one of the better food trucks I’ve tried. I will be having it again the next time it is at UCLA!

After lunch I nearly fell asleep in Wills and Trusts. The material is exciting and often rather scandalous. My Professor told us today about how he represented Anna Nicole Smith in front of the Supreme Court. See! I told you it was interesting! Indian food just puts me to sleep. Early to bed tonight, lots to do tomorrow! Hope you had a happy Monday!


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