Spring Break: Part 3, an introduction to food trucks

On Tuesday of Spring break my mother and I decided to go to a weekly food truck gathering on Main Street in Santa Monica. Did you know that every Tuesday night 8 or so trucks gather at the California History Museum? I didn’t either until LCCMom spied the sign advertising the event. It’s an amazing set up and there will FOR SURE be a blogger meet up or friend meet up of some kind there in the future. The trucks come, and then after you get your food, you are allowed to sit on the patio of The Victorian next door and enjoy happy hour wine! Or you can bring a blanket and hang out on the grass. I absolutely intend to take FULL advantage this summer!

Some of the usual suspects were there…


And a new one to try…

We started with a few dishes from trucks I know are good. This was LCCMom’s first time eating off of a food truck so I eased her in with dishes I knew would be great!

Thai Chicken from Clean Street Food. I knew that Clean Street would be a good first food truck dish. The food is good and healthy. I’ve had this before and like everything from Clean Street, it was flavorful and fantastic.

Potato spiral from, where else, the kabob truck. When we saw this spiral cut potato deep fried on a stick our eyes lit up immediately. We had to have it. It was salty and like a big french fry potato stick.

We also had a Frankie from India Jones, which I didn’t manage to take a picture of. Whoops. Bad blogger. Look at this picture from several months ago. It was just as good as I remembered.

We also got an “Irish car bomb cupcake” from the Clean Street food truck. They work with a cupcake business in LA that caters.

Again, we know that I know my way around an Irish Car Bomb. This was good. I couldn’t really taste all of the alcohols distinctly, but it was tasty and I had no problem finishing it. We also enjoyed a nice glass of Malbec each…. because we are wine twins.

LCCMom and I decided that we still wanted something more. And then this glorious thing happened…


I got a lobster roll, with butter and if I have to explain why I ordered with butter and not mayo then we can’t be friends anymore. Just kidding. Not really. The lobster came on a fantastic New England style roll which was buttered and toasted.

It was like the Vineyard. I was transported back to summer afternoons walking the streets of Edgartown, browsing for books, eating Scoops ginger ice cream and the smell of sea air.

And then it got even better.

I grew up eating Cape Cod chips and of course I had them when I lived in Boston. For some reason they are no where to be found in Los Angeles. I have missed them so! They are small and crunchy and salty and the flavored ones are fantastic. I may or may not have snacked liberally on the cheddar ones while studying for the LSAT in 2008.

I was too full to get a bag after the food truck bonanza. But then…

I plan to hoard them and eat them slowly. I asked the Lobsta Truck staff and they said that no where in LA sells them except for them. Clearly I need to stalk the truck so I can get more.

Overall, I definitely want to check out this food truck gathering again! I think it would be a great way to wind down mid week and LCCMom loved her first food truck encounter. I am so glad we happened into this great mid week activity!


6 thoughts on “Spring Break: Part 3, an introduction to food trucks

  1. Cape cod chips…..drool…….I miss their salt and vinegar chips! Dan and I always see the sign for the Tuesday night gathering, but are yet to make it, down the street. I also need to revisit First Friday on Abbot Kinney again soon because I didn’t handle food truck eating well the first time. There really is an art to learning how to explore the various foods available. 🙂

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