The Thirsty Crow

Sorry for the blog break. The holiday weekend was calling me and I neglected my camera. However, before I put the camera down my friends and I went to The Thirsty Crow in Silver Lake for drinks to celebrate Emily’s birthday.

The Thirsty Crow is a whiskey bar, of course Catie and I ordered champagne cocktails!

Catie got a champagne and lavender and I had St. Germaine and prosseco. They were delicious!

Thirsty Crow was awesome! Great small bar which awesome drinks and a good vibe. All my friends really liked it and we will be back in the future.

Before we had birthday dessert. Catie made a delicious creation. It was malanos, chocolate pudding and raspberries!

Yumm! This was a great dessert and a great start to the long weekend! It was fun to go out with Catie, a lot like college, but I’m single now which is exciting. We were basically holding court while at the bar so expect more Katherine and Catie bar hopping in the near future!


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