Something New

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Today I tried making something new for dinner. I didn’t know that I actually liked this food until last Spring. I think that goes to show there is no food I dislike.

Any guesses what the mystery food is?

Here is a hint:

If you guessed beets then you are correct! I discovered that I like beets last May but I never tried to make them for myself. I would pass them in the farmers market and think “but how do you even cook that?” Obviously I would try to roast them but do I take off the skin? How is it done?

I had all my questions answered by this months Everyday Food. I decided to roast them for dinner tonight with eggplant, potato, and broccoli. As usual: EVO + S&P, for 30 mins after you wash and peel them.

While they were roasting I made some whole wheat cous cous.

I loved the colors in the final product!

Beets are delicious! How did I live so long without them? I have no idea.

Today the temps finally got under 80 around 6:45 so I hit the road for a sweaty 2 mile run. It was so nice to get back on the road. I have a midterm in Evidence tomorrow so I really needed to get some type of a run in. The feeling of running after taking a few days off is amazing. It feels like my body is coming back to life.

So, wish me luck for my test tomorrow! I feel prepared. Let’s face it, the idea of a test that mimics the Bar Exam is a little scary but I studied diligently! Now I suppose all I can do is turn it over and let the chips fall where they may.

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