10 Miles!


I finally did it! Today I got back from school (and the midterm), laced up my shoes and went on a glorious 10 mile run which took me almost all the way to the ocean and back. On the way back I could see lightning in the distance and a rainbow. I was surprised because rain in September is pretty rare for LA.

Sure thing, with about two miles to go it started to rain.  Not going to lie, it was glorious. There is nothing better than running to goo music with light rain,  and the sunset behind you. I ran with a 10 min mile pace (which is my goal pace for the half) and I felt really good on the run. My legs weren’t tired at all and my knee doesn’t hurt. Overall, I feel better tonight than I have during all of my other long runs.

Oh, and about the Nike ad: I agree with everything it says, but if I missed birthday cake I would be upset about it.

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