Back to Reality

Catching up from the weekend?

I sunned in Corona del Mar

I drank at the Big Foot Lodge

I ran 8.6 miles and fell in love with figs

Is it just me or is the first day back after a long weekend the hardest? I woke up and it was so overcast that I thought that my alarm was wrong. It was in the 60’s and gloomy all day long. It even rained for a few mins!! Can you believe it? So unlike LA. Plus I had a hard time getting motivated all day. Oy.

Finally I went on a run and then I made this:

Corn fritter (from Cooking Light, only 200 calories) over a bed of lettuce with heirloom tomato and prosciutto. Yum. Recipe to come later, I’m just too tired right now to write it out.

In other news, this arrived today:

It’s the sequel to the Preppy Handbook! Wahoo!

I think it should be noted that “preppy” is a throwback to classic etiquette. Please note: as a race studies law student I find the saying “good old days, the ways things used to be” to be racist, sexist, and likely classist. However, True Preps are all about the art of the handwritten thank you note, casual elegance, and classic style. Its not about how much Lilly Pulitzer you wear, it’s about kicking it “old world”. It’s not about how much money you have because talking about money is considered vulgar. I will admit that this is a complicated, possibly troublesome concept, but I will not elaborate more. This is a Food and Lifestyle Blog, not my liberal manifesto.

Anyways, I decided to go on a scavenger hunt for examples of prep around my apartment. Here is what I found:

Monogrammed LL Bean Boat and Tote

Old books… Preppies love book, especially vintage books. See my copy of Blacks Law Dictionary, published in the early 1900’s.

Vintage post card from Martha’s Vineyard (double points!) and my Vineyard cup. I spend 8 consecutive summers in the Vineyard. 3 of them were with the Sailing Scouts. Yep, I was a sailing scouts. Triple preppy points!

Gin, no explanation necessary.

Boston, where I spent my college years (at a Woman’s College)


My rearing on the North Shore. Although I will admit, Wilmette is no Lake Forest.

That’s about it for tonight. For something completely different: I’m currently watching “Barbershop” which is one of my favorite movies of all time! Hope everyone had a good Tuesday (Monday). Only three more days until the weekend!


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