Sticky Bun at Flour

My first morning in Boston I woke up and went directly to Flour for a sticky bun. I have mentioned here many times at the sticky buns at Flour are the food of the gods. If it was my last meal I would want a sticky bun and an ice tea from Flour. Luckily Brea lives in the South End, very close to Flour.

But first… observe the beauty of the South End brown stones. I really want one.

After a short walk (I love being able to walk!) we arrived at the promised land…

I love Flour, but it can be a bit hard getting a table. Probably because the food is so amazing. We took the bounty back to Brea’s where we ate it while watching Gossip Girl.

Tell me that doesn’t look delicious! I dare you! I will be picking several up before I leave town. The bun is soft, the nuts are yummy and the caramel on top melts in your mouth. There is NO better way to start the day!


Out and About

Whew. What a busy day. David is here and I spent the day showing him the city.  First we hit up Coffee Bean and I introduced David to Stan’s Doughnuts.

I had chocolate covered orange crisp and David had the Simpson’s doughnut:

Then I showed off UCLA campus and then we hit up Urth Cafe for brunch. I had a farmer’s salad which was truly delish…

After that we went to the Grove and the Arclight Hollywood where we saw “Exit Through the Gift Shop” which was very excellent. I was excited for the movie but it was way better than I anticipated and I would recommend this movie to everyone. Banksy is pretty funny. Then we went home and played with Izzy…

Before dinner at Angelino’s. So yummy! Of course I had gnocchi in pink sauce. After David wanted a doppio espresso, he is a coffee lover!

Tomorrow we will hit up Santa Monica and Venice! Can’t wait!

David Days

Tonight my younger bro is arriving in LA. I am very excited. Today has mostly consisted of cleaning the house, baking brownies, and going to yoga. For breakfast I went old school with some Greek Yogurt but I was out of my Spice House Saigon Cinnamon! Good thing I stocked up at the Spice Station in Silverlake…

In my yogurt I had honey, Saigon Cinnamon, and orange flavored dried cranberries.

Then I went to yoga and after yoga I ran off to a hair cut, and this was the result (please forgive the emo style myspace picture)

I really like the cut! Micheal at Capelli Lounge in Westwood always does SUCH a great job! This cut is very similar to my past cuts from him but there are less layers on the bottom of the hair and my bangs are longer than usual. I got my brows done yesterday and I am feeling very pretty! (also, kind of dying over how thin my face looks 🙂 ).

Mango Breakfast Parfait

It’s such a yucky overcast day here is Southern California. At 1:30 today I have my property final so I decided to make myself an extra special breakfast. I like to take the morning before the exam to take time for myself. If I don’t know the information by then I’m not going to learn it, am I? Today I decided to make a Mango Puree Breakfast parfait that I read about in Everyday Food.

Seriously Martha, I love you, but I really don’t want to pay 99 cents for the Everyday Food iphone app. Can you reduce the price to free please?

The first step is to peel, core, and chop the mango. Mango’s are slippery! I was having a hard time holding on to it by the end.

Then you throw the mango into the food processor with a tablespoon of water and 1/6 of a cup of sugar and puree until smooth.

Then layer it into a cup alternating with Greek yogurt.

Yum! So light and refreshing and delicious. I love starting the day with fruit! Always sets a good tone for the day. Then I went to campus to blog this and they had free cookies in the entry hall. Delish! I’m never far away from a free cookie!

YUM! Off to my final, wish me luck!


Oh Whole Foods, as if I have the money to shop in you. Well, last night I pretended. While picking up a treat to celebrate a successful day of studying I eyed a Siggi yogurt. I’ve seen several food bloggers and friends eating Siggi and I really wanted to try it. So I threw caution to the wind and bit the $2.29 bullet and decided to try it.

Siggi is Icelandic yogurt which means that it is thick! Thicker than Greek yogurt which is good because I love the thickness of Greek yogurt. I choose orange and ginger because they are two of my favorite flavors so how could that go wrong!

For me, the best part of Siggi is that it has no additives and very few ingredients. I’ve said it before, I love looking at a label and knowing what all the ingredients are. Food like this is so clean. Clean food leads to a clean body.

The flavor was also excellent! It was kind of tart and definitely isn’t sweet, which I like. I love sweets, but in breakfast yogurt I prefer that it isn’t sweet. Overall, I loved Siggi. I can’t wait for the day when I am an attorney and can shop at Whole Foods all the time!

Never Walk 5 Miles in Bad Flip Flops

because your feet will HURT! At least mine do. I woke up bright and early and decided to go to Clementine for breakfast. Clementine is 2.5 miles from my apartment so after walking there and back I had covered 5 miles, but man did my feet hurt! I really need to wear better shoes. Once at Clementine I had quiche again with a salad. Before the walk to school I got myself a little treat…

Such a great brownie! I told myself that I wouldn’t eat the whole thing at once, but hey I did. And it was delicious and I earned it!

I also stopped at Coffee Bean on the way to school because nothing goes better with a long walk than a large ice tea.

So good! It felt great to have a long walk before class. Plus, I got to study at Clementine. I love Clementine. They even played “Stars and Stripes Forever” while I was studying. It made me feel so patriotic!

-Left Coast

Weekday Breakfast

Hey gang, sorry for the lack of food posts recently. As most of you know I like to eat oatmeal on the weekends, but this semester I have 9 AM Constitutional Law 3 times a week so I don’t have the energy for a breakfast clean up. Normally I grab some granola or Greek yogurt but today I just couldn’t get excited for that so I had one of my new favorite snacks, hummus whole wheat toast.

I put the toast in and 10 mins later was wondering why the toast wasn’t done. It was because the toaster wasn’t on. And that was the theme of the day. I did a good amount of work during the day and some when I got home. I also went on a run. Feeling positively exhausted right now with a headache so I decided to watch Modern Family and have a small glass of Lillet. So nice to have the store to dip into. Thanks Mom.


I have a new favorite spot in LA, Clementine. I have been wanting to try Clementine for a while but its just far enough away to be out of walking distance. When my mom came for spring break we tried it, twice because it was so good!

Clementine has great seasonal foods, this means that they change the menu depending on the season which I love! It means that food is natural and freshly grown with no additives and ect. You can tell that its super fresh. Let me tell you, this place gives Flour in Boston a bit of a run for its money. Nothing trumps Flour, but Clementine is DAMN GOOD! Our first trip was for lunch:

I ordered the rare roast beef sandwich with horseradish, marinated onions and arugula. It was so good and it came with a side of pickles! I also had a mint iced tea:

Whoops! All gone...

On the way home from Palm Desert my mom and I stopped by for breakfast. We woke up really early and had breakfast then, so by 10 am we were starving but they were still serving breakfast. Both of us ordered a quiche because quiche is always so good and a compromise between lunch and breakfast.

I had the bacon and leek quiche with a side salad. It was very good. I also had an ice tea and we ordered hot buttermilk bisects.

SO DELICIOUS! They came with jam and a cream thing. Not sure what it was but it was delicious. Clementine is my new favorite! Check it out for yourself:


The best way to power up for a long day at the law school grind? Oatmeal!

Oatmeal with a little bit of brown sugar, my beloved Saigon cinnamon, and orange flavored cranberries. Some random man in Trader Joe’s told me about the orange cranberries and they are so delicious. I can always go for more orange flavored anything.

Plus an Ice Tea (made with Tazo Awake) makes the perfect breakfast!

mmm… Yogurt

Last summer I went to Turkey, where I was told that Greek Yogurt is ONLY Greek because the Greeks are good at branding.  This week I reminisced about the amazing breakfast buffets I had in Istanbul, Izmir, and Sirence. While I didn’t exactly have feta, artichokes, and olives for breakfast this week I did manage some yogurt with honey, cinnamon, and granola.

Not that I couldn’t eat olives and artichokes and feta for breakfast everyday… my love for Mediterranean food knows no bounds.

The cinnamon that I use isn’t any old cinnamon. It is Saigon cinnamon from the Spice House in Evanston, Il. That’s right. I get my cinnamon shipped to me. And its not just cinnamon, its also crystallized ginger and pepper (actually, French pepper because after Mediterranean food, French food is my favorite). The Spice House has so many spices, a bit of everything and much higher quality than what can be found at a grocery store. Especially the ginger which balances the sweet and the spicy perfectly. It is my favorite flavor.

And then the final essential element of a good breakfast, a large non fat latte from Coffee Bean (or as Carolyn calls it, “the coffee beanery”).