I have a new favorite spot in LA, Clementine. I have been wanting to try Clementine for a while but its just far enough away to be out of walking distance. When my mom came for spring break we tried it, twice because it was so good!

Clementine has great seasonal foods, this means that they change the menu depending on the season which I love! It means that food is natural and freshly grown with no additives and ect. You can tell that its super fresh. Let me tell you, this place gives Flour in Boston a bit of a run for its money. Nothing trumps Flour, but Clementine is DAMN GOOD! Our first trip was for lunch:

I ordered the rare roast beef sandwich with horseradish, marinated onions and arugula. It was so good and it came with a side of pickles! I also had a mint iced tea:

Whoops! All gone...

On the way home from Palm Desert my mom and I stopped by for breakfast. We woke up really early and had breakfast then, so by 10 am we were starving but they were still serving breakfast. Both of us ordered a quiche because quiche is always so good and a compromise between lunch and breakfast.

I had the bacon and leek quiche with a side salad. It was very good. I also had an ice tea and we ordered hot buttermilk bisects.

SO DELICIOUS! They came with jam and a cream thing. Not sure what it was but it was delicious. Clementine is my new favorite! Check it out for yourself:


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