David Days

Tonight my younger bro is arriving in LA. I am very excited. Today has mostly consisted of cleaning the house, baking brownies, and going to yoga. For breakfast I went old school with some Greek Yogurt but I was out of my Spice House Saigon Cinnamon! Good thing I stocked up at the Spice Station in Silverlake…

In my yogurt I had honey, Saigon Cinnamon, and orange flavored dried cranberries.

Then I went to yoga and after yoga I ran off to a hair cut, and this was the result (please forgive the emo style myspace picture)

I really like the cut! Micheal at Capelli Lounge in Westwood always does SUCH a great job! This cut is very similar to my past cuts from him but there are less layers on the bottom of the hair and my bangs are longer than usual. I got my brows done yesterday and I am feeling very pretty! (also, kind of dying over how thin my face looks 🙂 ).


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