Never Walk 5 Miles in Bad Flip Flops

because your feet will HURT! At least mine do. I woke up bright and early and decided to go to Clementine for breakfast. Clementine is 2.5 miles from my apartment so after walking there and back I had covered 5 miles, but man did my feet hurt! I really need to wear better shoes. Once at Clementine I had quiche again with a salad. Before the walk to school I got myself a little treat…

Such a great brownie! I told myself that I wouldn’t eat the whole thing at once, but hey I did. And it was delicious and I earned it!

I also stopped at Coffee Bean on the way to school because nothing goes better with a long walk than a large ice tea.

So good! It felt great to have a long walk before class. Plus, I got to study at Clementine. I love Clementine. They even played “Stars and Stripes Forever” while I was studying. It made me feel so patriotic!

-Left Coast


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