Weekday Breakfast

Hey gang, sorry for the lack of food posts recently. As most of you know I like to eat oatmeal on the weekends, but this semester I have 9 AM Constitutional Law 3 times a week so I don’t have the energy for a breakfast clean up. Normally I grab some granola or Greek yogurt but today I just couldn’t get excited for that so I had one of my new favorite snacks, hummus whole wheat toast.

I put the toast in and 10 mins later was wondering why the toast wasn’t done. It was because the toaster wasn’t on. And that was the theme of the day. I did a good amount of work during the day and some when I got home. I also went on a run. Feeling positively exhausted right now with a headache so I decided to watch Modern Family and have a small glass of Lillet. So nice to have the store to dip into. Thanks Mom.


2 thoughts on “Weekday Breakfast

  1. I actually did that in the kitchen at my last job several times…. and then i didn’t want to like restart the toaster in front of everyone “Actually I like to let my bread get used to the toaster before changing the temperature…”

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