Why I Love Simmons College

Feeling oh so nostalgic today as the Simmons College Class of 2010 is enjoying their Senior/Faculty Banquet tonight. For those not familiar the event is held in the dining hall, Bartol, and consists of dinner, free booze, awards to the students and faculty, bonding with the senior class, and did I mention free booze? It really is the beginning of the end. Its a uniquely “Simmons” event. Nearly everyone attends, you get sloshed with profs and then hit the after parties with your profs. Its probably the perfect manifestation of why I LOVE Simmons College. Here are some pics from last year:

Psych People with Professor Feldman, Professor of the Year, 2009!

The Original California Girl, Catie

Class Council, we made it happen!

After Party for Cocktails with my Roomie/Health Inspiration

A Typical Interaction with Sharinny

Practicing my Speech

Sam Furbush, the Original Suzy Simmons

And one of my favorite pictures of "The Firm" of all time!

Ah, I miss Simmons sometimes. I’m glad I graduated but Simmons gave me so many amazing memories that I will always cherish. Most of all I miss my “sisters”! Have fun tonight Class of 2010!

-Left Coast


One thought on “Why I Love Simmons College

  1. I met my current boyfriend after the Sr. Faculty Banquet 2 years ago. I believe that magical things happen on this night! I miss Simmons too!

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