party like it’s pie day

You may or may not know this, but today was National pie day. No not 3.14 pi day but national EAT pie day! It was just a happy coincidence that Danielle and I planned a pie bake off for our law school friends last night!

You may or may not know this, but first year classes in law school are organized into sections that you take all your first year classes with. Our section could have been renamed the baking section. Not only did one of our professors make bake us cupcakes but there were several people that would always show up to parties or class with pies, cookies, brownies, or best of all, cookie cake pies. You have no idea. It’s a wonder I managed to lose weight last year.

Anyways, Danielle and I, while on our baking bender, decided that we needed to have an official bake off to determine the true champ. I consider myself to be more or a cook than a baker because I like to be less precise in my cooking but I managed to make a chocolate cream pie from the Flour Cookbook.

I figured anytime I combined this…

you couldn’t go too wrong.

I mean really…

It turned out pretty well.

Confession: I was a lazy blogger at the pie party. There are no pie pics. Whoops. I will say that in addition to my pie we have Linda’s key lime pie, Rachel’s chocolate walnut pie, Danielle’s peach pie and her pear pie (which won!) and we had cupcakes and homemade pumpkin ice cream.

We also had vino which obviously always makes for a happening shin dig.

I did get a photo of Danielle and I. We dressed up as “Stepford Wives” complete with pearls and all!

I think we pulled off the look well. I wore pearls, j crew ruffle tank, white a line Ann Taylor skirt (bought second hand) and while heels from Nordstrum Rack and an apron from Antro.

Seriously. If you marry me, provide me with health insurance and pay my law school loans I promise to bake pie every day in return. Just kidding…… kind of.

In any case, it was a great party and I ate tons of tasty, delicious pie and had a fantastic time!


5 thoughts on “party like it’s pie day

  1. Two observations, one – I need to go to law school just to participate and be a taste-tester in all that deliciousness!

    Two, I need to go shopping with you ASAP.

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