things that are awesome right now

1. Beverly Hills, palm trees

**if you live in a cold part of the country you might want to advert your eyes**

How can you look at this and not be in a fantastic mood? Not to mention I had an awesome siting of Indiana Jones himself while I was driving through town.

2. Baking with friends

Yesterday Danielle and I had a massive baking extravaganza. In total we iced cupcakes, made chunky Lola cookies, brioche, goo for sticky buns, and cornmeal and raspberry muffins. It was intense and I have way too many baked goods. We caught up on everything that’s been going on and even planned a law school baking throw down. Get excited.

and the aftermath…

3. New Christmas ornaments

4. Creamed honey

I ran out of honey this week and all I had was creamed honey. I was also short on cash because it was that time in the semester when we’re all waiting for our loans to come through. Instead of spending half of my remaining money on honey (I did contemplate it through) I found this in my cabinet and decided to use it.

I also learned an important lesson about spending. I do a bit too much of it. I’m quick to rush out and buy something new when I have an good replacement in my pantry.

New goal for 2011: be more mindful of my spending.

Off on a 5 miles run! Hope you have an awesome day too 🙂


4 thoughts on “things that are awesome right now

  1. I used to rush off and buy things without checking what I had in my kitchen and now, because of a mixture of laziness and cheapness, I rarely rush out for something in particular. I usually wait until grocery day!

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