give tofu a chance

Its no secret… I’m warming up to tofu.

Let me explain.

The first time I had tofu was when I was probably 10. It was at Kama Kura in my hometown and I was chowing down on some sweet miso when I encountered some little tofu bits. Tentatively, I bit into one. I did NOT like what I tasted. I took personal offense to the texture and didn’t like the flavor (no offense to Kama  Kura). Since that time I have been adverse to tofu.

I started to take baby steps back to tofu at a Nasoya event last October. I tried tofu creations that were tasty and that I could re create on my own. I definitely felt myself warming up to tofu. In the past few months, while I didn’t actively buy any tofu I tried it at Akira and several other restaurants. Finally, last week, I got the guts to buy and cook tofu.

This is not a recipe post because I didn’t attempt anything fancy. I made a stir fry that any old person can make. I probably oversauced it with soyaki (Bartol style for all of those Simmons alums out there). And I have to say that I enjoyed the tofu prepared this way. It was light, but filling.

I think the key was marination.

Short on veggies. I added garlic, egg, broch, bok choy and red onion (one of these things isn’t like the other).

It was colorful and pretty until it was soyakied within an inch of its life. I blame it on my apprehensiveness when it comes to tofu (which is dissipating).

I mixed it with short grain brown rice. I just discovered the bulk section of Whole Foods. Great deal! I got a ton of brown rice for $3. Budget FTW! I made two portions and I have to say that this was actually pretty tasty and very filling. I will continue to eat meat but much of the time I don’t prepare meat at home because it’s expensive and moderately time consuming. I have leftover tofu and I definitely have recipes from the Nasoya site I want to try (I’m looking at you Moroccan Tofu).

Do you like tofu? Have you always liked tofu? Any tasty recipe suggestions?


10 thoughts on “give tofu a chance

  1. Hi Katherine,

    Happy to see a you’re coming around to tofu. Even when I’m not on my vegetarian kicks, I too still love a good tofu dish. Try this honey-glazed tofu. Absolutely delish and doesn’t take long to make either! Honey-Glazed Tofu

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