scenes from a lazy Saturday

How was your Saturday? Mine was lazy. I start back to school on Monday so I spent today chilling out and it was awesome.

I started my day with an amazing bowl of oats which included delicious crystallized ginger. Putting the ginger in the oats was great because they have a little bit of sugar which sweetened up the oats a bit. I love me some crystallized ginger!

I added some unsweetened coconut to the oats also because I have a ton left over from my baking adventures. I love the unsweetened coconut. The ginger was already sweet so I didn’t want any more sugar in my breakfast.

Tasty! This will be a repeat breakfast. I love the crystallized ginger because you get the ginger flavor but its slightly less pungent.

After breakfast I went to the Farmers Market which was hopping today.

I’ve been doing a great job of meal planning since I got back from Chicago. Going with a set list helps me stick to the plan and avoid purchasing oddities like this humongous cauliflower…

I had a number of things to purchase. I also had to get eggs. I always buy local and un caged organic eggs.

I like to know that the chickens are “happy chickens that like to hang out in their area”. I’m also debating switching to local butter and local meat. I don’t often buy meat so I think local organic meat might be a good upgrade.

I also was delighted to find and new snack at TJ’s:

Mini wheels of brie?! Yes please! I enjoyed this with a few pretzels and it was just enough cheese. Thank you Trader Joe’s!

After lunch I went on a 7.35 mile run. I haven’t run more than 5 since before winter break and it felt good to get out and got for a nice long run. I went faster than I did for my 5 miler on Thursday and it felt great! I feel really good about this upcoming year in races. Should be a good year in running! I stuck to my training plan (for the most part) this week. I didn’t totally keep it but that’s OK because I was sick and I was getting back into serious running after a break. Overall I logged 16 miles and it feels good to be back!

Tomorrow is my last day of vacation. I plan to run a few necessary errands and relax and enjoy my Sunday New York Times!

Hope your weekend is groovy too 🙂



9 thoughts on “scenes from a lazy Saturday

  1. I had a busy day but when I have a lazy Saturday, it’s always welcomed 🙂

    I hope you have a great race year too. Saw that you are going to run RNR san diego, you will love it! I hope to run another half marathon this year but I have just have to figure out if I do it before/after the wedding…probably the latter.

    I wanted to gather some peeps to do Sunday hike around in L.A and then do maybe a trip to farmers market afterwards? What do you think? Want to come join?

  2. Is this the santa monica farmers market? I really like it but I always get a little agoraphobic there. So many people! I prefer smaller markets but I really love buying food from there as opposed to any grocery store (Trader Joe’s might be an exception!) 🙂

  3. Fresh meat and cheese from the Farmer’s Market is so great tasting. We recently switched as well and I love it.

    PS, pretty sure I saw you running the other day when I was leaving work. I was so excited to see you, but felt like a total blog creeper. Haha. Way to get back to running, I need to get our there and pound the pavement.

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