Top 10 Places to Nosh in 2010

2010 was a big year for me discovering new restaurants. When I got my car in May it allowed me to travel beyond Westwood and check out many of the awesome and eclectic restaurants that Los Angeles has to offer. These are all restaurants I discovered in 2010 so while I could eat at Flour everyday for the rest of my life it sadly isn’t going to make the cut.

1. Tavern – Tavern is my happiest place on earth. Between the restaurant, sandwiches, and treats at the Larder Tavern has become my favorite LA spot.

2. Father’s Office – Back in the early days of the blog I went to Father’s Office. Personally, this is my favorite burger spot in LA. They have a delicious traditional burger, great wine and beer selection and the best sweet potato fries I’ve had in LA.

3. Umami – The other best burger joint in LA. Interesting flavors, cheesy tots and more options than Father’s Office. Its second in my mind but a close second.

4. Clementine – Where can I even start with Clementine? I’m there all the time. They have great local, seasonal, fresh eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That doesn’t even account for the delicious treats they have there. Of all the things I had at Clementine the one item that stands out in my mind is the Best BLT.

5. Mozza – They didn’t want me to blog it (the only restaurant that told me to put my camera away) but I did anyways! Mozza is some of the best pizza in LA, even Michelle Obama has eaten there!

6. Real Food Daily – I first went to RFD for a blogger meet up. All my veggie friends we’re telling me how awesome it is and I have to say, they’re right! A great Santa Monica spot with some of the freshest fare in the city. Oh, and the fake bacon? As good as real bacon. There. I said it.

7. Coral Tree Cafe – Coral Tree is a great spot in Brentwood for breakfast, lunch (omg caprese sandwich), and take away. Their curry chicken salad is one of my favorite take away prepared foods.

8. Primitivo – My friend Kelly joined me for several restaurant outing this year (including Umami), this was one of my favorites. Who doesn’t like sangria Sunday? The highlights of this meal were bacon wrapped dates, sliders, and shrimp.Oh and that weird glittery tiger painting.

9. Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada – I went the “best fish tacos” over the summer when I was working nearby. Simple fish tacos with plenty of toppings. Lightly fried, cheap and delicious, these are the best tacos I’ve had in LA thus far.

10.  Green Street Tavern – One of my more recent eats was with my Mom in Pasadena. We loved the atmosphere at Green Street and the food was delicious too! I still can’t replicate the goat cheese orzo but you better believe I’m trying. The appetizers were equally delicious and the pumpkin doughnuts we had for dessert? Unforgettable.

I’m not a big New Years Eve person (to be honest, staying up late, drinking a lot and sleeping the day away isn’t really my scene) but I am making Barefoots Grown Up Mac and Cheese. So much for detox! Whoops! Well, it is a holiday!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my resolutions!


10 thoughts on “Top 10 Places to Nosh in 2010

  1. i can’t believe mozza told you to put your camera away! i haven’t been back there since i started blogging and now i am too scared to go!

    • yeah it was awkward. I got a couple of shots before they told me to put it away. They were nice about it but it was clear they didn’t want my camera out which is sad because their food is so good.

  2. I’m a new reader to your blog, and I love it! I live in LA, so I will definitely be checking out these restaurants!
    Happy New Year

  3. Well I think you just outlined my restaurant to-do list for 2011. 😉

    I wasn’t that impressed with Umami and I think I am the only one in all of LA that feels this way.

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