Lazy Saturday

Today was a lazy Saturday and boy did I need it. My apartment was beginning to resemble Grey Gardens and I had a book to finish.

First I went to Coral Tree Cafe for brunch. I have been to Coral Tree Cafe before but have never blogged about it before. As usual it was a wonderful experience.

I ordered at the counter and sat down with my book “Commencement”, which I just finished and was excellent. It comes highly recommended from me, especially if you went to a woman’s college, in which case it is a MUST READ!

I ordered frittata for my breakfast. I am not a huge egg fan normally but I always have loved frittata. It’s the exception to my rule. This one had veggies, cheddar, and a side of potatoes.

Deliciousness. Unfortch, I was unable to finish this because it was a big portion. I did manage to choke down about 2/3 of it. I love frittata. There was a good amount of cheese but it wasn’t over powering and the veg was super fresh. Nice and not too eggey, because I’m not a huge fan of eggs. Plus, I love breakfast potatoes all the time. No issues there.

Naturally, it was an iced tea to drink.

Love a lazy brunch with an amazing book. There is nothing like it.


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