Are you a planner?

Because I am! I blogged the other day that I needed to go back to meal planning. Meal planning for me is essentially sitting down once a week before shopping and plotting out 4-5 meals that I want to have in the next week. Recently my meals have been fairly lame and I have been over buying at the farmers market and grocery store.

Today when I went to the farmers market I was ready!

So many wonderful things to come on LCC!

Early this morning I went for a run. It is getting HOT! I went for around 3 miles throughout campus at an easy pace. I had a lara bar before my run so after shopping I was getting hungry. Guess where I went?

Orange umbrella means Coral Tree Cafe.If you can go to Coral Tree try to sit outside on the porch because it is quite wonderful in the shade. Of course I started with a mint iced tea.

This time I ordered a Sicilian Panini which had panchetta (holy yum), mozzarella, roasted red peppers, and sun dried tomato. The sandwich also had eggs, was served on homemade bread, and came with potatoes!

You guys… this was really really good. I’ve shared my love of Coral Tree Cafe before, and I have to say that the love just keeps growing. I am not at all an egg person. I rarely eat eggs, normally opting for pancakes instead. This sandwich was fantastic and didn’t taste super eggey at all. I love panchetta and sun dried tomatoes so really there was nothing I didn’t like about this sandwich. The taste of the mozzarella, tomato and pepper really stood out. And the potatoes? There are no words.

Later I finished my shopping and am prepping to head out to Glendale. Catie and I are going out tonight. All the single ladies, all the single ladies….

-Left Coast


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