Hiking in Temescal Canyon

On my family’s first full day in LA we decided to take a hike in Temescal Canyon. I heard there are great views so I was excited to check it out!

The first half of the trek was entirely uphill and most of it was heavily wooded. After one mile we reached a waterfall.

There wasn’t much water in the waterfall (it is LA in August after all) but you could hear the trickle of water which was really relaxing. Then we continued uphill to the views…

Hey guys!

When we got to the top we were excited for the view…

Which was blocked by the marine layer. Oh well. This is West LA, and you can’t win them all. We were able to look at the styles of the houses below (a favorite activity).

Overall, it was a great hike! Short, only around 2.4 miles but I was sore the next day!

Can you spy the lizard?

It was am awesome hike. Highly recommended.

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