Post hike we went to Gladstones in Malibu, which is like an LA institution. It is noted, mostly for the view.

I mean, who cares what the meal tastes like, right?

Then menu was what you would expect, tons of seafood. I was mostly excited about the raw bar. Its the New Englander in me, but I love a raw bar.

Ta da:

Oyster’s are always amazing and I haven’t had them since I left Boston. Far, far too long. They are clean and fresh. There were West Coast oysters which I suppose are different from East Coast oysters since they are from different coasts. I can’t tell the difference but I haven’t had a side by side comparison.

Soon the meal arrived:

As far as sides go, these were pretty good. The chips were warm (!) and the coleslaw was good, not too “slaw-ey”.

For an entree I had seared ahi tuna sandwich:

I love ahi tuna. This sandwich was good but not great. It had a flavorful Cajun rub which was only ok but the avocado was delicious. It would have been great with toasted bread.This whole sandwich would have been stellar if placed over a salad.

Overall, go to Gladstones for the warm chips, view, and raw bar. The prices were pretty high for the sandwich so I’d say go for the raw bar and the view.


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