Birthday Cake

There was a great deal of treat eating this weekend. While I didn’t have an actual birthday cake, my mother and I made sure we hit Susie Cake’s (my favorite LA bakery) for cake!

I could salivate. Oh wait, I did. We decided to try their famous carrot cake and the tropical cake! I had the marble cake recently. You can read about it here.

First up is Carrot Cake. It is as good as they say! The cake is spicy, with the carrots and some nuts, and the filling has a praline layer. Words cannot even describe how good a praline layer in the carrot cake is. The frosting was light and reminiscent of cream cheese, without the heaviness. Overall, it was heavenly.

Next up was the tropical. I love a coconut cake. So light and delicious. It was truly tropical. I can always go for Susie Cakes. Any day or night.


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