Today there were a lot of shenanigans like this…

Before my family arrived my Feta Package arrived! Last month I won a feta giveaway hosted by Jenna.


So excited for this bag. I can pack my lunch for school everyday now 🙂

Izzy was very  interested in the new package.

Once my family arrived I had Mozza (OMFG so freaking fantastic! No pics, they are NOT camera friendly!) and Magnolia bakery. There was no dinner. Dinner was 1/2 a devils food cupcake with meringue icing. I also had some Red Mango which has reopened in Westwood as a self serve yogurt place! Like yogurtland but healthier.

We pit stopped at my house for some kitty cuddle time:

And I went shopping where I got a pair of size 28 jeans at JCrew. This is TWO sizes smaller than I wore last year. Whomp Whomp. Hard work and healthy eating pays off. I am tossing all my size 8 pants. It’s not my size anymore. Keeping it would be setting myself up to fail, right?

Ok, busy day tomorrow with food pics! I promise!


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