Drinksy Carter

When I first was accepted at UCLA Law I came out to LA to tour the campus. At the time I was very anxious about moving cross country (again) and leaving my adopted city, Boston, behind. I went to LA thinking there was NO WAY I was going to leave Boston to attend UCLA. Of course, we all know how that worked out. But at the time I was convinced I couldn’t do another cross country move to a city where I didn’t know anyone. Lucky for me, I wasn’t totally alone. I had my Mom’s cousin Joe to guide me.

My Mom literally has dozens of cousins, and that trip to see UCLA was my first time I actually meet Joe. He and my friend Catie greeted me in LA for dinner after my campus tour. Joe, my Mom, my friend Catie, and I rolled into an Italian restaurant in Brentwood and Joe immediately pointed out the “plastic surgery gallery” sitting in front of the window. That was the moment I knew Joe and I would be friends.

Joe filled a role that I didn’t have in Boston: that of caring adult willing to guide me through some major “20 something moving to LA” milestones. Joe brought me to Target (before we both started boycotting it) when I didn’t have a car to help me buy essentials (by essentials I clearly mean Christmas decorations and flip flops). Joe introduced me to some stellar east side restaurants like The Kitchen, Masa, Mohawk Bend, Taylor’s, Local, and Allston Yacht Club. Joe taught me how to drive defensively on the 101. Joe also came with me when I bought my car and I could not have completed the process without him. He also refused to let me drive the streets of LA without a GPS -> seriously, the best gift anyone has ever given me. He helped me move more than once. He let me tag along at a United Way event where I met Arne Duncan and cosigned my weirdo politico crush. For more than two years Joe listened to me complain, try to cope with struggles, and gossiped with me about my 20 something girl problems, always providing seasoned guidance without being a parent about it.

Joe announced a month ago that he was leaving LA to perform in a play in Houston. Of course, I was borderline devastated at the news. We decided to have one last LA dinner at Mohawk Bend. I parked at his place, took in the emptying apartment. We had a fantastic meal at Mohawk. I haven’t blogged about Mohawk yet, but it’s a great restaurant with a fab California craft beer list. Seriously, one for the ages. On the way back he said that there was something he wanted me to have…

Drinksy Carter.

Drinksy is a cocktail cart that Joe had in his apartment. Longtime readers might remember my obsession with getting a cocktail cart. I actually blogged about it nearly 2 years ago and have been on a prowl ever since with a tiny budget and minimal luck. I even threw in the towel and bought a cocktail tray for my new apartment. Joe graciously gave me Drinksy as a parting gift before he left LA and I promise I’m giving her a good home. Drinksy is adorned with martini glasses, vermouth, St. Germain, Bordeaux, a jigger, and my cocktail mixing supplies (which I outlined in this post).

Drinksy also has some new additions. I snagged this amazing vintage glass cocktail shaker at the Fairfax high school flea market (which happens every Sunday). Obviously, I decided it was perfect when I realized it was old and had a Parisian theme. I also have a 1950’s bar towel compliments of my mother. I think it fits well with the feel of Drinksy. Drinksy is also now home to a super old meat thermometer one of my friends found at an antique store in Utah and brought back for me because it’s two things I love: old and kitchen. There really isn’t another home for it so Drinksy is providing a resting place.

I also repurposed my old cocktail tray into a jewelry tray. I moved my California National Horse Trails award to my dresser and simply laid out some of my jewelry. I almost never remember to put on jewelry and I’m hoping that being able to see it in the morning will inspire me to wear it more. I have some great pieces that are completely underutilized.

I must say that I am very pleased to fulfill my dream of owning a cocktail cart but I’m sad it had to come at the expense of Joe leaving LA. Joe leaves this weekend and while I am sad to see him go I am thankful for all the support he gave me over the past 2 1/2 years (and for Drinksy). I know you’re going to be successful Joe. After all, you bloom where you’re planted.