go to The Kitchen!

Happy Tuesday!

I am so full right now! I met up with my uncle Joe and my uncle Danny for dinner in Silver Lake after work. Silver lake is the silver lining of my job location. I work only 15 mins away! Tonight went to Kitchen and had an amazing dinner.

Cool wall, huh? The inside of the restaurant is very minimal and they have this awesome round red booth that we got to sit in. There is a great menu featuring a mixture of appies, entrees (lots of delicious fish! I had to say no to salmon, I’ve been a bit of a salmon monster recently with the smoked salmon sandwich’s and stuffed salmon) and sandwiches.

So cool. This turned out to be a truly epic meal. We started with calamari. The calamari was chewy and just crispy enough.

For my entree I ordered a favorite of mine: Mussels with garlic, roasted red pepper and basil.

Holy moley do I love my mussels! I had no problem polishing these babies off. They were light, summery, garlicy and delightful! I also had a treat off of Joe’s plate, goat cheese latkes!!

and here is the money shot…

I mean, do I need to use words to describe this? Goat cheese, check! Potato, check! Fried, check! I love it.

And just when you think the meal is over…

flourless chocolate cake. and if that was not enough…

strawberry. shortcake. I mean… do I even need to leave a comment here? So delish. I love an extravagant meal. And I haven’t worked out today so this is just a calorie wash which is completely fine with me. Today I weighed myself and realized that I have lost 15 lbs since the beginning of the year. I can’t complain. I have races and healthy eats in my future… its all good. Oh, and btw- The Kitchen comes highly recommended from me!


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