Signs of Summer

Hey there bloggies.

I have an announcement.

Yesterday I successfully ran without pain.

I have child’s pose to thank. I kicked it in this posture until my hip opened up. It hurt getting into the posture but boy am I glad that I did. I think I just was really really tight in my hips and needed to loosen up.

Also, I finished my first “training” week. And it went a little something like this:

Monday: 4.1 mile run

Tuesday: power yoga

Wednesday: off, triceps dips

Thursday: 4.1 mile run

Friday: triceps dips

Saturday: 4.1 mile run

Sunday: triceps dips, yoga crunches, and sun salutations

Wonderful! I wanted to try and make yoga today but I had a Simmons Club of LA event and then I had to go to Target and Trader Joe’s. There just wasn’t time in the day. Plus, I was able to make it to Josh’s place to watch True Blood, which was fantastic!

Then I enjoyed this healthy dinner.

Roasted brussel sprouts and stuffed salmon. Ab Fab!

Good night readers!


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