Week Two Wrap Up

This is my week 2 check in to update my training. Here is what I did last week:

Monday: 4.1 Mile Run

Tuesday: Nothing

Wednesday: 4.1 Mile run

Thursday: Nothing

Friday: Nothing

Saturday: 4.1 Mile run

Sunday: Yoga!!!

Uh, ok so I was kinda indulgent this week between the dinner at Kitchen, Lakers game watching, and truffle grilled cheese. Well, time moves on. I did finally get to yoga for the first time in almost two weeks and it felt so good! I love the Sunday class with Joey Soto. Its a great stretch and my hip feels tons better. I bet I’m sore tomorrow and I can’t wait!

After this week I’ve decided that I have to try and get to a good vinyasa class once a week minimum and I want to also try to incorporate abs and weights more. Running three times a week is great but I have to stretch everyday. I think its going to be essential.

And now I am off to feed my little beast.


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