Less healthy, more healthy

So unless you live in the fly over states and don’t follow basketball you know that the Lakers and Celtics had a massive showdown last night for the NBA championship. By now we know that the Lakers won. I haven’t been following basketball this season but I have lived in Boston and I do live in LA now, so I had a decision to make. I was leaning Celtics but honestly, its so awesome for the team that lives in your city to win, I had to cheer for the Lakers. Also, I’ve lived in three major cities and all the NBA teams have won championship while I’ve lived there! Clearly, I am the lucky charm.

I met up with some friends at Q’s Billiard Club in Brentwood. I’d been there before for “bar review”. We waited on line for the first half but it was fun once we got in.

I had garlic fries and artichoke dip with a side of this (underneath the foam its a Blue Moon):

Every question I had about how 20 somethings gain weight has been answered. No nutritional value in this meal. Although, I suppose I was ok with the artichoke dip.

Now that I have been eating healthy for a while I have cravings for greens. Today was Farmers Market Friday so the law clerks hit the farmers market. I got Hawaiian grilled chicken and I substituted white rice for salad. Excellent choice! The chicken was super flavorful and thus, the salad didn’t even need dressing.

I also had a small side of macaroni salad..

Much better, although still not an ideal level of health but eh, can’t win them all.

Now I am chilling on the couch with Isala watching “An Affair to Remember”. I love this movie. Carey Grant and Deborah Kerr have great chemistry and Carey Grant is a fox. More to come later!


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