Apartment Spotlight: The Living Room

Hello gang! How have you been?

Vacation is winding down over here. I did NOTHING last week except read the New York Times, go to the beach, workout, and watch Revenge. It was glorious. Friends filtered into town over the weekend and it’s been fun catching up with them and taking care of business (like buying a bridesmaids dress!). I also managed to clean over break. School starts tomorrow and I wanted to have my apartment in order. I also figured, while my apartment was clean I should hang pictures and document the rest of my apartment so here is my apartment spotlight on my living room.

I love my living room. Obviously, it’s the room I spend the most time in. I have all the furniture from my old apartment in a different combination. I have my old long table with TV, lamps and mirrors. I also have the blue chair and the brown couch which I love! I also have my glass top coffee table. I love how all my furniture is positioned on a slant.

I have a lovely new green and white pillow on my couch and new art! As seen in the upper left corner, I have a new floral print. On the table in between the chair and the couch I have a mini Eiffel tower and a postcard or the cliffs at Gayhead in Martha’s Vineyard. My mom found the post card a couple of years ago and it has the sweetest inscription about the beauty of the beach. I love Martha’s Vineyard and have gone many times so it was appropriate.

As you can see on the opposing wall I have another print and Drinksy! I love having the blue cube and the wicker suitcases for storage. On the wicker suitcases I have a copy of Tales of the City and the sequel More Tales of the City. Tales of the city is a book composed of new paper columns that ran in the San Francisco Chronicle. They are fictional about an apartment building in San Francisco in the 1970’s. They’re pretty progressive and wild and I really enjoyed the books. I picked them up at a garage sale for cheap!

Here is the print up close:

Love having a big print of the wall.

Here is another fun detail in my living room:

Black’s Law Dictionary circa 1908 propping up my router. I found the dictionary at the Fairfax Flea Market for like $5. Love the little law school touch in my apartment. The dictionary actually is pretty interesting because there are terms from civil law (which is practiced in Louisiana). Nerd alert.

Finally, my old kitchen table has been relocated. Now it serves multiple purposes! It houses my keys, sunglasses and mail. Sometimes I work there when I need a bit more structure at home but more often it serves as Izzy’s perch. She sits on the table or the chair and watches the courtyard for my passing neighbors. She’s actually earned quite the reputation in my building because she’s ALWAYS there.

Love that girl.

Tomorrow is the first day of my LAST SEMESTER OF SCHOOL! I don’t actually have class but I’ll be waking up early, doing homework, running school errands and going to zumba! It’s been a long 3 weeks without zumba and I can’t wait to get back.

Hope you had a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Apartment Spotlight: The Living Room

  1. Love Love Love the Black’s Law Dictionary and the Eiffel Tower…may need to try and find a similar ode to law school to incorporate into my apartment!

    Hope your first day back went well!

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