Apartment Tour: My Bedroom

We’ve reached the final frontier people!




Cocktail Cart

Living Room

Welcome to my bedroom!

Moving into this apartment was very exciting for me because it marked the first time in my adult life I would have a separate bedroom to myself with a door that closes.

Overall my bedroom is pretty simple.

I am a little obsessed with my closet. I have a shoe area, purse area and things hanging. I like to keep my closet doors open because it reminds me of the things I have in my closet. I am perpetually in a state of looking for new clothing but post weight loss I’ve gotten rid of many things that no longer fit me and I’m trying to replace them with special, more unique and colorful pieces. Let’s just say that my life in Boston lead to me purchasing a lot of navy. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with Navy but LA has changed my style and made it more colorful, more relaxed and kinda beachy. I use my pinterest style board as inspiration.

Also, Izzy loves to hang out in my closet amongst my purses and shoes. She’s such a girl! I don’t want to trip her in (it has happened before) so it just makes more sense to leave the doors open.

Across from my bed I have my dresser (a Danny find!), Izzy’s house, my scarves, race medals, reading chair, photos (art? Mom what do we call this?) and green sewing holder which I use to store books!

Izzy’s little house if one of my favorite things! She sleeps there from time to time and frequently naps there during the day. I let her sleep on the bed or she’ll go and curl up in the pink chair. I’ve been meaning to have the chair redone but it will happen eventually! The photos were put together by my Mom. She collected the frames at estate sales and filled them with blue and brown and gold wrapping paper. It’s a nice thing for my walls since they would be kind of sparse without it. I also love my dresser. Danny found it for me and it hold almost all my other cloths. The gold round mirror is a thrift store find. My mom found it too. Can you guess what we do when she comes to visit? If you said shop you would be correct! I also have my jewelry tray which I’ve already blogged about. Izzy sleeps in the pink chair and I also read there or sit there while talking on the phone etc. The green thing was a flea market find of my own (Fairfax High on Sunday’s). Normally it serves as extra book storage.

I hung my scarves up because, like my closet, I like my clothing hanging up where I can see it. I also have my race medals in the middle of my scarves. I have 7: two from the LA Cancer Challenge, Chicago Marathon, Rock n Roll Pasadena, Ventura Half of the Harbors, Rock n Roll San Diego, and Malibu. This photo was taken before Pasadena was added to the mix.

Speaking of things on the walls, on the opposing wall I have several photos from Boston. I like having these little reminders around of one of my prior adopted homes.

Brownstones, a Boston postcard, and the Public Garden.

On one side of my bed I have a little bed side table and on the other side I have this wire, mirrored two level table thingey. I’m not really sure what to call it but it holds photos and seashells.

I have some baby pictures of me with my dad and me holding my brother when he was a newborn. I also have various photos with my friends. As you can see I have another basket full of books. What can I say? I am attached to my literature. This basket is fun reading books. You can see the Mindy Kaling book (I’m convinced we’re soul sisters), the Hunger Game books (which I need to return to Amanda) and Game Change which was just made into a movie for HBO and I cannot wait to see it (nerd alert).

And this is my bed.

As you can see my other side table has a lamp, photos of Paris and other nick nacks I need for life (water, tissues, lotion, and my retainer- sexy!)

You can also see that Izzy loves the bed. She likes to nap there during the day and she sleeps at the end of the bed at night.


One day I would like to get a headboard for my bed. I generally have always used my bed as a place to study. You’d think that there would be a more formalized process but there isn’t!

Oh and my bed doesn’t look like this anymore. Now it looks like this…

Three pillows! Family friend and blog reader Chris Johnson had two identical to the pillow I’ve had for years that she was going to return and instead she sent them to me! Thanks Chris! You can really never have too many pillows in my opinion. With all the time I spend working on my bed it’s nice to have the extra back support.

Thus concludes the apartment tour!

I have a general and various life update hopefully coming soon. This weekend I am making my first trip to Vegas! This trip is so necessary right now. The past week I’ve been sick and dealing with a lot of emotional life stress and I cannot wait to get to Vegas, enjoy some buffet food, drinks, and go dancing with my friends. No gambling will happen, I promise Dad. Just some non scandalous libations imbibing and dancing to a trance dj we’re seeing on Saturday (yessssss). The following weekend I’m going to the Grand Canyon. Lots of exciting things going on!


3 thoughts on “Apartment Tour: My Bedroom

  1. Love how organized your room is! I have a medal display for all of my “hardware” too 🙂

    Have a GREAT time in Vegas! Can’t believe it’s your first time there – you’ll love it.

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